looking ahead

no solar gain today. not much point in opening the blinds as only wet cold air can come in through the old cracked glass. thats okay. its cozy and it wont last long. i can't help but to think with a sigh of relief (remind me of this in the summer when its 'dank') that i'm no longer back east. and i'm not in oregon, like we thought we'd be when we left vermont a few months ago. instead its huntsville texas. its chilly right now. its dreary. but its temporary...the sun and warmth will hit us soon.

i like looking out my window and recognizing the landlords worker' truck. a blunt yellow old moving truck. i see them driving all around this area, busy bees working on old and new lofts or businesses that the landlord owns. today i saw it pull into the parking lot across the street to stop for donuts. it makes me smile.

huntsville is small. while stowe has a population of what four thousand something and here a population of thirty six thousand? ...and yet there is a smaller feel here. more intimate. people all seem to know each other and ive yet to hear people speak too harshly about each other. there isn't the gossip that there was in vermont. dont get me wrong, people love talking about each other here but it doesn't get out of control. doesn't sound like fear and judgement as much as interest, admiration or amusement. it does me good.

so. the new year is coming and as i look ahead there are a few things that are large and intimidating to attempt if i so desire. one of the projects dan is going to undertake is to build a new building for the scrap yard that is visible from the only highway, I45. before i got here he had asked two other artists if they would like to design the front wall of this building and he had no takers. he asked me if i wanted the job and i said yes. if i can. i have no idea how to decorate a wall. i have no welding skills and no clue what i'm going to do. i've been spending more time on artpropelled's blog as she showcases so many talented artists and i often feel like i would love to make this wall look like some of the art i see on her blog. i would have full use of most of the scrap in the scrap yard. ironically i'm NOT that into rust right now which is why the artpropelled blog interests me. i'm thinking concrete. i'm thinking large box type things that i mosaic intricate pieces of anything into. i know the owner of the scrap yard wants his last name on the wall. its tricky, i could end up making a really bad messy trashy crazy wall and i want this to have an elegance to it if that is possible.

i haven't wanted to write about this because i want this to just marinate. i'm not really looking to be bombarded with ideas, but you know i'm open to suggestion here. i'm not so sure i can do this and i get one chance, its not like i can make it and tear it down and start over. i dont want to make an eyesore that people point to and make the stinky face and go 'ewe'. i try not to think about it too much.

and the next big thing, which could also be a little disaster is the landlord owns a bunch of uninhabitable buildings in our vicinity downtown. he is an artist himself and wants to get a few artists in these buildings to have a gallery walk one night. he is thinking in february. i have no idea how big of an event this might be, who lives here and will want to walk around and look, let alone buy art. i dont want to take all my art out of storage and unpack everything to haul into a space for one night if its a complete bust. quite frankly that is more effort than i have to expend. if i have the time i'd like to just keep making functional art and keep it simple, small and light. our neighbor jared is going to do this too and we might share a space to make it easier on us both. less space to fill if we are together and i think it will be more fun having someone there. more supportive. if this works out, we will be allowed to use the space (although no ac and no heat means i'm not going to spend much time there) as long as we have occasional shows, either of our own art or allow other artists work to be shown. its still foggy and the details are scattered. he might only do this a few months as he will eventually want to rent out and use the space.

lastly. dan and the phoenix commotion. two of their workers are leaving and as the bone house gets closer to completion there will be more work opportunity. tod and i could be working for min. wage. i'm interested, just not physically sure i have it in me to be somewhere for a chunk of time doing hard work. i can try though. for now its good to keep going there and volunteering time on the floor. the next few days i'm going to work on a cut champagne cork bedroom entryway as well as a bottle cap bedroom floor. next week we will probably grout and resin that wine cork floor i did last week. lots to do and i'm looking forward to it!


Nellie's Needles said...

Collage? A wall? You as the artist? Yeah!!!!!
Who better to ask?

Jeana Marie said...

yes! let the wall idea keep percolating - sounds good. so does an art space!

Margaret Ryall said...

Whew! You have a lot of ideas percolating Paula. You will know what to do with the wall when the time comes. I love the work on Robyn's Art Propelled blog and look forward to seeing what you come up with that might have the same aesthetic.

I've looked at the cork floor with fascination. It is tedious and time consuming to create but what a beautiful surface when it is completed.

It appears your move has been good for you. My best wishes for a fulfilling year to come.

ArtPropelled said...

I've been off line for a few days so am catching up (and thanks for the blog mention). I love the idea of mosaiced concrete box type designs for the wall. ....like a grid? You won't mess up Paula. It's going to be phenomenal. Let the ideas brew. The scrap you collect will suggest ideas too.

sarala said...

So many opportunities. This sounds so exciting for you. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for all of the above.