life lately

i think i like it here. i like walking around and taking pictures. like being one of the few bike riders out there zooming around like a kid when i run errands. like seeing people i know as i'm out there, like how friendly and unrushed people are here .

just as when i first landed in vermont in 2004 and my whole world changed, so too do i think my whole world is changing. i can remember when i got my studio apartment in waterbury, vt and started lugging railroad plates home and finally starting to make art, how mind boggling my new environment was. having lived the last 20+ years in a big city i was naturally unprepared for the shock of small town living, let alone what it meant to be an artist. but i got used to it and flourished. time ticked on and momentum built up but for whatever reason tapped out after 5 years.

so i moved again. and i had tod with me on this round. and we were mighty fussy the first few weeks here in huntsville,tx. mighty fussy. probably complained more than we should have about the lack of good grocery stores and cool places to hang out. but the important thing, the people, superseded anything we had ever experienced! i guess we were just both ready.

so we've been here almost two months and nothing has gone how we might have thought. so far neither one of us has done much job site work. tod rebuilt the phoenix commotion website and is still working on that behind the scenes. he is going to get a forum up for them so people can have a place to connect and get info about resources and materials. it will be a boon for people who want to learn more and do more in their own community in regards to using reclaimed materials and building homes; it will also be a self sustaining thing that wont eat up hours of man power to operate. it seems things have changed a bit, and we think in a good way. we were kind of under the impression that the phoenix commotion was going to become some huge huntsville thing whereby tons of people would flock here and volunteer /learn. I think all of us had our own agendas in a way of what we thought was happening and we finally got together to find out what's what.

that's another story, and perhaps not mine to tell here. suffice to say there are still plenty of works in motion but huntsville isn't needing scads of people coming here and the goal is more to have people start their own 'phoenix commotions' in their own neighborhoods/cities. tod and i still have a reason to be here. we are still plugged in and oddly busy from early morning to late at night seven days a week. doing what i can't say really but we are occupied and we love it. for the first time in my life i'm living day to day without all the lists and goals and to do's. somehow things come up and i have purpose. not always, but most days i am completely occupied. i usually walk or ride the bike somewhere just to get out and be in life. i've had a burst of making smaller affordable works for the holidays and am making space in my head for some larger functional pieces that i hope will sell in the design store. i like being open to whatever comes up next. it's a good way to live if you can stand the uncertainty.


Margaret Ryall said...

It sounds like the area is a nice calming place to live and that you are finding your place within its fabric. Low key can be perfect for your creativity - all kinds of ideas emerge when you are not feeling frantic. Love your 'found material' candle holders.

Kim Hambric said...

I like that your are enjoying being in life.

deb said...

I am happy for you and Todd, and I am so glad that this place is working for you!!

Ellen said...

Congrats on the recent sales and successes! Even more, so glad you found a place you feel you belong. Being calm and connected with purpose is what it's all about, isn't it. Your enthusiasm is so wonderful!

paula said...

what my most sarcastic readers are being gentle and nice! :) i love that you guys have stuck with me and aren't making fun of me for being normal.
i think this is a good place for now. not thinking its forever...but its just what we need for NOW.

ArtPropelled said...

Glad yo're beginning to find your feet, Paula. The abstract photo is fantastic!

paula said...

yep artp, i think that photo looks just like a painting! thanks for coming by and commenting and being supportive :)