it was a good day

yesterday tod and i went walkin around the neighborhood. we decided christmas day would be a good day to go over near the university where we have seen a spot of railroad tracks. here in texas we've heard you dont just go walking anywhere you want without possible repercussions so i was actually a little hesitant. the prison is nearby and i also get a little uncomfortable when i walk by the prison towers with guards up there. you know they are watching you. you feel guilty for no reason. i felt like we stuck out like sore thumbs as i was carrying a backpack and we were wearing work boots and our junky clothes. onward. the tracks as you can see were a bust. thats the extent of them. about 50 feet worth. we were hoping to find rr nuts. fat chance.

so we just walked around. looking. talking. getting lost in minutiae like the little ground cover which i found so jewel-like and unusual. across the street from where we live are some downtown buildings with a parking lot that i've passed many times without ever having noticed the bush grafitti. even THAT was strange...didn't everyone in texas vote for him?

it was a nice day. lots of online goodwill from bloggers, facebookers, and esty people. i managed to get a chunk of pine cut for my next project...i had the whole parking lot to myself to make all the noise i could ever wish to make. sawdust flying everywhere with no parked cars to worry about. lots of napping/book reading and getting cozy with tod on our little sofa our neighbor gave us. we feel so grateful for so much right now....we have our challenges here believe me, but we have opportunity here that just didn't exist for us in Vermont. the next four months will be interesting....our lease will be up and if we haven't started bringing an income in things will drastically change. there are some cool things in the queue that i hope to be part of. you'll just have to wait and see with me!


The Hurricane's Lament said...

God damn, I wish I was in TX.

ArtPropelled said...

A lot can happen in 4 months and you don't seem to be letting the grass grow under your feet since you are constantly thinking about and searching for opportunities. Glad there are some cool things in the queue!