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it's not new news that many people all over the world are using shipping containers and even RR boxcars for their living spaces. yesterday our neighbor presented to me his latest idea about building a home from some shipping containers he found online in houston. they are affordable, as you can see:

1 x 20' standard: $1,350.00
20' containers are 20' x 8' x 8'6" Exterior Dimensions
1 x 40' standard: $1,650.00
40' containers are 40' x 8' x 8'6" Exterior Dimensions
1 x 40' high cube: $1,750.00
40' containers are 40' x 8' x 9'6" Exterior Dimensions

i have to say, it excites me to think about living in something like this. i'm still in caveman mode, i still haven't learned anything about building. the last few weeks here i have had some personal issues to deal with on the home front that have all but consumed me. not something i want to talk about right now but suffice to say everything has been disrupted and i've not been to the phoenix commotion job site nor done much of anything but pack and ship art i've been selling online. the days still zip by and i feel a little anxious that i've not been learning/doing.

i'm still in touch with dan and the crew and know that they are making huge headway on the bone house: interior work on both the bone house and the adjacent art studio is underway as they have passed inspections and i'm sure in a few months this project will be done! so that is exciting and i hope to be there soon learning SOMETHING and helping get this completed.

but back to the shipping containers and my neighbor. i might have mentioned that he used to volunteer for and then was hired as a paid crew member for the phoenix commotion. prior to that he also had metal working skills. he appears to be fearless in his search for making life happen here in huntsville and its stimulating to hear his ideas and see his enthusiasm. if he gets this going and we wanted to, tod and i could possibly learn/build work on that and have a place to live/work. who knows. it is another opportunity. just as we could possibly get land and in a year build a house under dan's tutelage. possibilities are endless. i'm still waiting for that THING. so far everything seems interesting but deep inside of my core i'm waiting for that YES!!! as i haven't spent time on the job site really working i still don't know if that is where i want most of my energy to go. mostly i am still 'lost' as i know i've ended a chapter of my own work, the mixed media photography, for now at least, it isn't feasible to do here and i'm still trying to hear what is calling to me to work with. still fumbling with new materials and forms.

i dont know what i am doing. i know its best i dont think too much. right now life feels like a buffet. i am starving and i'm in a room full of servers walking by with trays of this and that, offering me an endless choice of new treats to sample. so far i'm still looking at most of it. taking tiny bites. sampling. its frustrating because i want to wolf down a meal and feel satiated. i'm really hungry. i'm looking for a certain taste of something and so far it remains elusive. i have a feeling i have many more samples to try....


ArtPropelled said...

Wow, that container house is phenomenal! If you and Tod could do something like that it would be amazing.

andrea said...

I know that unable-to-eat-at-the-smorgasbord feeling! Hope you find the right meal soon. And I think the shipping container idea is brilliant and should be used for housing homeless people. Maybe it is!

jeanamarie said...

well, with each little sample you've tried you must be learning something new and making decisions whether conscious or not about what tastes right, what works together, etc...

yes that house is fantastic!

paula said...

yeah robyn, its cool just trying to be open to possibility. i keep thinking i have many more years of moving around to do. who knows.
you know thats a great idea for low income or homeless people. that and the old box cars.
i think jeanamarie i've been bad about learning anything new lately but hopefully soon i will get out there!

Chris said...

I saw that container thing in Dwell Magazine years ago. Of course, it was in Europe, where they are way ahead of us. They were stacking them and making apartment complexes!. It is rather cool. Thanks for showing us.