Artist Liza Lou

i was surfing last night, looking for some images of chairs made from ____. do you ever do that? sometimes i want to make sure it hasn't been done before, and if it has been done, i want to know to what degree and how well or poorly (in my mighty judgment). in my search, i came across a website called Oddity Central, and saw this work by Liza Lou. when i see work like this i instantly recoil a bit. its obsessive and crazy and not what i typically think of as 'art' but if you read the article you can't help but to admire anyone who would go to such lengths! Liza received the Genius Grant from the The MacArthur Foundation, in 2002.

i googled her and never saw a website but she is on art net. i figure i can either be bothered by this or enjoy it. this last year i've been working on enjoying whatever people make, knowing that i dont have to want to do it, buy it, like it or give any energy to it and sometimes, sometimes i can keep my head open enough to be inspired or see something that might spark my own creative wick. or not.

mostly i'm realizing i should just keep doing whatever it is i'm drawn to. it's all about experience anyways. so that chair idea i had? its been done. and i'm not so sure i have the skills or space to even come close to what i've seen already done. does that mean i nix it? usually. if i'm feeling gutsy and tenacious i might go ahead and try it, let it be my behind the scenes long drawn out project. i have a few of those in the wings. sometimes i let my brain contemplate it in the background while i do other things and perhaps one day another idea will pop out. maybe a chair isn't what i should do. guess time will tell!


AnitaNH said...

Anyone who can create a work of art using that many beads deserves a genius award in my opinion!

I love your photo below illustrating "life lately."

paula said...

thanks anita
and yeah, at least she 'did it' right? the focus and drive....wow.