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looking ahead

no solar gain today. not much point in opening the blinds as only wet cold air can come in through the old cracked glass. thats okay. its cozy and it wont last long. i can't help but to think with a sigh of relief (remind me of this in the summer when its 'dank') that i'm no longer back east. and i'm not in oregon, like we thought we'd be when we left vermont a few months ago. instead its huntsville texas. its chilly right now. its dreary. but its temporary...the sun and warmth will hit us soon.

i like looking out my window and recognizing the landlords worker' truck. a blunt yellow old moving truck. i see them driving all around this area, busy bees working on old and new lofts or businesses that the landlord owns. today i saw it pull into the parking lot across the street to stop for donuts. it makes me smile.

huntsville is small. while stowe has a population of what four thousand something and here a population of thirty six thousand? ...and…


famous first words 'ya know, its pretty hard to fuck up a cork floor'. this was what dan said to me as i prepared to work on the cork floor for the first time last week. i did just a little and scuttled home. it was draining physically and mentally as i looked at his perfect curvatures of cork like tiny lifeboats lined up one after the other. perfectly.

then i went back and worked solo and oblivious to what lie ahead. happily nailing with the nail gun piece after piece. dan wanted every now and then for us to put a colored cork as a marker of sorts whereby we then put a clump of 'dated' corks. see a colored cork, go to it and there a small mass of same year corks reside. nice. how hard could that be?

the thing is, when you do something over and over and you aren't that familiar with it you are bound to fuck up. and knowing that its pretty hard to fuck up something makes those fuck ups all the more stressful. the fuck ups can also be culled into the dionys…

foto 4 the day

what are these things called? i love all the strange rectangle/square cover things i see on buildings or sidewalks. how can they all be so different? love the writing on them, texture, color. everything. i like how decorative and tile-like they are.

*thanks andrea for the link to your eye and thereon the link to anothers'....

it was a good day

yesterday tod and i went walkin around the neighborhood. we decided christmas day would be a good day to go over near the university where we have seen a spot of railroad tracks. here in texas we've heard you dont just go walking anywhere you want without possible repercussions so i was actually a little hesitant. the prison is nearby and i also get a little uncomfortable when i walk by the prison towers with guards up there. you know they are watching you. you feel guilty for no reason. i felt like we stuck out like sore thumbs as i was carrying a backpack and we were wearing work boots and our junky clothes. onward. the tracks as you can see were a bust. thats the extent of them. about 50 feet worth. we were hoping to find rr nuts. fat chance.

so we just walked around. looking. talking. getting lost in minutiae like the little ground cover which i found so jewel-like and unusual. across the street from where we live are some downtown buildings with a parking lot t…

put a cork on it

if you can ignore my big ass ( i know i can't) here you can see i actually am alive and doing something on the job site. i went yesterday and spent a few hours gluing/nailing cork to the upstairs bedroom in the bone house. i posted some new pictures on the phoenix commotion blog, go check it out! lots of work has been done since i was last there, its great to see!

i had plans to go today but my fingers are sore from pushing and squeezing the corks to the floor. my knees and legs are sore. let us not forget i've been an near invalid for two weeks with the invisible bug infestation feeding on me at night. that mysterious scourge appears to be waning, yet my upper body is now displaying a different kind of itchy rash ~ god only knows what that is. if i had a normal paying job i'm sure i would be fired by now. lucky me i'm an artist and work for myself (knock on wood). so today i think i will putter on my own art. i've collected a fair amount of redwood scraps…

ac grafitti

what i like about huntsville is it challenges me. its minimal. you have to look. and you will find. over and over the same walks, the same area...its a small place and yet there are goodies here and there. i've NEVER seen scratched on graffiti. this isnt a flat surface. this is on the cooling fins. who does this? its pretty damn interesting.

getting back to my walks

i was able to walk around a little today as it was warm and i could wear shorts instead of pants so my legs weren't being all irritated by fabric. how fitting this wall graffiti felt today.

recap of mini horror

above you can see a bed frame that i made for my air mattress and to the left the all but abandoned bedroom. you see, three weeks ago to the day, tod and i went to help jared clear out some property that dan owns. thoughts were, if it got organized and fixed up this area might make a good workshop/headquarters for the phoenix commotion. they wore pants and boots and i tagged along in shorts and tennis shoes knowing that i had errands to run but wanted to help a little.

next day jared (our neighbor see post below) said he got poison oak and went off to get treatment. a day later tod noticed bumps on his arm that itched like crazy as well as a horizontal 'mark' on his leg. the arm stuff stayed the same while the leg stuff scattered more into almost branch like scratchy red welts. i was fine. tod suffered that week with itching and a slight spreading of this 'rash'.

a week and a few days later i woke up with those scratch marks. and they itched. there were also l…

homes, art, wonderings

it's not new news that many people all over the world are using shipping containers and even RR boxcars for their living spaces. yesterday our neighbor presented to me his latest idea about building a home from some shipping containers he found online in houston. they are affordable, as you can see:

1 x 20' standard: $1,350.00
20' containers are 20' x 8' x 8'6" Exterior Dimensions
1 x 40' standard: $1,650.00
40' containers are 40' x 8' x 8'6" Exterior Dimensions
1 x 40' high cube: $1,750.00
40' containers are 40' x 8' x 9'6" Exterior Dimensions

i have to say, it excites me to think about living in something like this. i'm still in caveman mode, i still haven't learned anything about building. the last few weeks here i have had some personal issues to deal with on the home front that have all but consumed me. not something i want to talk about right now but suffice to say everything has been disrupted…

small is big

I just sold my last repurposed gutter vase last night and one of my candle holders on etsy! What a boon for me as the last few weeks I have sold 'the small stuff' and it has been huge for me in many ways.

The small stuff. Something my artist brain wasn't quite understanding at first. I thought it all had to be bigger so the gallery would take it. Then almost a year ago to the day I finally shoved my tiny brain aside and put some things on etsy. I sold a few things rather quickly to blogger/artist friends and then nothing. Probably three months later I took the time to make treasuries even though they confused me and I had no idea how to get anything noticed on etsy (its a big sea and i'm a little fish). I lucked out I'd say, as when I made that treasury I put another person in it that got the treasury bug instantly. That someone was Vilte, and over the next 10 months she put me in her treasuries non-stop! I watched her go from having no action on etsy to be…

more walking

today i walked a few hours, mostly in the same areas i usually do but i allowed myself to meander. one street over from the more busy street are some tail end businesses to the downtown area and then slowly it turns into a neighborhood. i found one brick building that looked defunct, couldn't tell what it was but a little farther down from it was a small courtyard with a wall of heads. what an unexpected thing to see here. i still never know what exactly i'm going to find as there are so many plots of land with jungles of bamboo trees choking your vision. on first glance you would think this a barren place, devoid of anything unique (except for dan's houses peppered here and there). so i'm always happy when i find something fun and different.

i walked to the mall too, fully expecting it not to be the typical mall. and it wasn't. it was sparse with over half of it sectioned off and used for criminal justice offices, there were vendors in the center of the mal…

just another day

no more nuts

this is the last of my railroad nuts. the last pair of candle holders. i wish i had more, i was just getting into it....i had some sort of epiphany about them, at least it felt like it, how i could play and be more free with them in comparison to my first works. should i put out a call for people sending me some? boxes of heavy rr nuts coming at me in the mail? other than coconut flour, green mountain coffee, books, and dark chocolate, who could ask for more?

Artist Liza Lou

i was surfing last night, looking for some images of chairs made from ____. do you ever do that? sometimes i want to make sure it hasn't been done before, and if it has been done, i want to know to what degree and how well or poorly (in my mighty judgment). in my search, i came across a website called Oddity Central, and saw this work by Liza Lou. when i see work like this i instantly recoil a bit. its obsessive and crazy and not what i typically think of as 'art' but if you read the article you can't help but to admire anyone who would go to such lengths! Liza received the Genius Grant from the The MacArthur Foundation, in 2002.

i googled her and never saw a website but she is on art net. i figure i can either be bothered by this or enjoy it. this last year i've been working on enjoying whatever people make, knowing that i dont have to want to do it, buy it, like it or give any energy to it and sometimes, sometimes i can keep my head open enough to be inspir…

life lately

i think i like it here. i like walking around and taking pictures. like being one of the few bike riders out there zooming around like a kid when i run errands. like seeing people i know as i'm out there, like how friendly and unrushed people are here .

just as when i first landed in vermont in 2004 and my whole world changed, so too do i think my whole world is changing. i can remember when i got my studio apartment in waterbury, vt and started lugging railroad plates home and finally starting to make art, how mind boggling my new environment was. having lived the last 20+ years in a big city i was naturally unprepared for the shock of small town living, let alone what it meant to be an artist. but i got used to it and flourished. time ticked on and momentum built up but for whatever reason tapped out after 5 years.

so i moved again. and i had tod with me on this round. and we were mighty fussy the first few weeks here in huntsville,tx. mighty fussy. probably complained …

where & what

It rarely occurs to me to show and tell exactly where I've exhibited. This is the building I had the weekend show in. And, in fact, I still have three wall art pieces up til sometime in mid January. This is a rather large building, they have a nice gift shop, a large exhibition space as well as numerous rooms/basement with who knows what all going on in there.

If I can keep this momentum up I will have more hope I can make it here! This is the 2nd place so far in as many months that I have had art exhibiting. Granted it isn't an art gallery and who knows what kind of traffic wafts in and out of there, but I'm happy to at least have some art out there in the world again.

And, has I said below, I was in such a last minute hurry with getting ready for saturdays show, I failed to take pictures of my candle holders, two of which sold. Today I uploaded the remaining two on etsy which are here and here. I have two more holders in process, and then I'm out of nuts for the…

Saturday's Show

Yesterday's Christmas Art Sale was quite the unexpected, fun day. It's been a few years since I've participated in a show like this, I guess I was happy being in some galleries in Vermont and stopped exhibiting in weekend shows; not that i ever even did many in the first place as it was just too cumbersome for my work, small car and lack of funds. Well, now that I've moved and am having to start over in many ways (exhibiting, owing rent, being part of a new community) lets just say I'm more open when an opportunity comes my way.

This was easy. EASY. In the past these types of events left me drained, were a hassle both with parking, setting up and deconstructing at the end of the day. Not so this time. And the space was WONDERFUL! We all made food to bring and three tables were filled with every imaginable treat and lots of hot coffee and cider. We were given pin on name tags, tables were provided and we all had ample wall space to hang up works which will rem…

Angel Show in Huntsville

Above: Cynthia's work. I met her a few weeks ago and have already made an instant connection with her, so I'm thrilled I get to sit next to her table. She will have cards, paintings and giclee prints. The Angel Show is a once a year art sale at the Sam Houston Museum Education Center. On exhibit will be high quality art and crafts for sale from approx 35 artists whose work includes paintings, jewelry, fused glass, watercolors, cards, fibers, prints, soap, wood turning, porcelain, gourds, collage, mosaic and more. I doubt I have any Huntsville readers....if so, here is the address: 1402 19th street/ 10am-4pm saturday (tomorrow)

It was an affordable entry fee so I decided to jump in and participate to get myself OUT THERE. When Tod and I went there this morning to set up for tomorrow, we couldn't help but to feel happy....its nice in there and as you can see below there is ample space in a well lit, cozy space.

I plan on exhibiting five of my clock multiples, my new r…

a strong recap of a good week

Fun stuff in the last seven days. A recap: we were invited to thanksgiving day at three places and managed to eat our way through two of the three. the morning started with breakfast and a hike with dan, his wife and a forest full of friends. this was a 30 year tradition so being a part of it was special. the evening was dinner at what i dare to call a 'new friends' house just out of town. we supped on homemade food that had us swooning, laughed, looked at wonderful art (they are collectors and artists themselves), and capped off the evening with a huge bonfire and homemade pie! (we were in an online free press thing and no one bothered to ask about our names/spelling...according to this tod (d) is married to me and has my last name)

in preparation for a local christmas art show this saturday i began making small, affordable art a.k.a as my new steel gutter vases. i posted them online yesterday and sold half of them! also sold one of my favorite little clock multiples …