time in texas

life is still chaotic for us. we have no set routine and are still fumbling around trying to find/make our way. while it is true that in vermont our lives were comparatively unfettered by routine, here, the rules have all but disappeared.

there are many options available to us. at first, tod was going to the job site everyday for 4 or 5 hours and helping out. learning. doing whatever someone needed. i was showing up less as i was trying to get my little studio space set up here in our loft. we came here knowing we wanted to be involved with the phoenix commotion but were unsure of what that would look like. did it mean learning how to build a house? did it mean making more functional art? did it mean being behind the scenes with web stuff for them?

the reality is we have zero income now. dan is very aware of that and is very supportive in trying to allow us to be self sustaining again while volunteering/working however we can with/for him. i find it utterly amazing that we have been here for a month and i've already been given the chance to make some wood/bone furniture that is slated to be in a texas museum end of the week. i find it utterly amazing that if i do the work i might have a chance to sell work online and bring in income for not only myself but for the phoenix commotion.

tod is redoing their website at this very moment. i just started a blog which will be written by myself, tod, and hopefully a few other people from the commotion. dan has his hands/life completely filled to the rim so the point of the blog will be to share what life is like in and around the phoenix commotion. i hope to do some interviews with the volunteers/workers who are currently working on the bone house. i want to take pictures, give some history and be a reporter of sorts. we will see. i'm still finding it challenging to complete a thought let alone something on my scattered checklist. right now i'm trying to bang out one more piece of bone furniture as a few extra days were added before the museum picks our work up.

oh yeah, the pictures above are of a little bathroom that was built on a corner lot in a neighborhood. the lot sells plants and this is a structure dan created. bad picture as there was a fence and i could only get so close....maybe you can see in the close up, the siding is all crushed cans. i love that i can walk around huntsville and spot dan structures here and there. its like a treasure hunt! below is a license plate roof, how fun is THAT!


Chris said...

These structures are SO cool. I am remembering now why you wanted to go in the first place. A license plate roof!

Looking forward to seeing your next piece of bone furniture.

CMC said...

Hooray for TEXAS...hope you love it down here.

ArtPropelled said...

A roof tiled with licence plates! You are going to thrive in this community! I meant to come back and comment about the Tobin film. It was fantastic! I featured some of his sculpture on my blog a while back.

andrea said...

The little hut and roof are amazing! That's my kind of creativity. Looking forward to more links to the phoenix commotion soon.

paula said...

love it artpropelled that you featured his work on your [awesome]blog. thanks for stopping by the phoenix commotion blog, i'm going to tend to it very soon!!!

jeanamarie said...

i think it's fantastic that you and Tod are doing this! Looking forward to your next bone piece too.