things i've learned this week:

  • how to use a torx screw
  • what a magnetic drill bit end is (i've yet to figure out if i can remove the magnet and replace the bit style)
  • that cedar and redwood wont rot (and cedar repels insects) if you make outdoor furniture as long as it can breathe, so put screws under the wood to lift it off the ground
  • that you can cut/drill/and sand bone quite easily
  • grout will crack if attached to plain woods, it needs to be mdf or silica stuff(?...i forget what it is, but some sheet of some toxic man made stuff) has to be affixed over the wood
  • how to measure two pieces of uneven wood with a leveler (doesn't mean i'm good at it but i have a clue now)
  • screws are THE way to go instead of nails or glue when making furniture and proper pilot holes are a MUST, even for little dinky things
  • fancy ways to use tools but i dont remember the proper terms
  • that i have NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING
  • no one walks much or rides bikes, and if they do its probably because they dont have a vehicle
  • that i have NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING and i'm probably not going to be as involved with learning from the ground up how to build a house ( i could if i want i guess but so far i'm not as drawn to that as i thought i would be)
  • that i no longer feel like using materials from my past (vermont) and while i'm still not in love with what i've seen so far (wood, wood and more wood), i feel challenged and more willing to work with what is here than not
  • that i can't give up. that my slightly wobbly table was the best i could do and all i can do it keep moving even if i dont know where i'm going


Ellen said...

Wow, *I* learned from that list. I completely get the self critical state of mind, (i kinda live there myself), but I'm really amazed that in many ways you're still doing you were doing before, the environment and materials have changed, but it's still has that creative problem solving vibe AND you get to work on solo pieces.

self taught artist said...

youre absoltely right ellen...funny thing is, its my choice! i can do whatever the hell i want and i guess i really DO want to keep banging my head against the wall. seriously...i thought i would be doing more with houses, and so far i seem to want to be making things NOW. maybe its been too long (5 months) since i've worked on art and i can't take it any longer. i need to see something and do it ya know?

more on things soon...i have a chance to do something different, i've said yes...but i have a hard time believing i can actually pull it off.