phoenix commotion website & blog

so tod has been working on redesigning the phoenix commotion website, there are still things to tweak and pictures to add, but it is done and up! good job tod, looks great and much easier to navigate!

i'm still working on a blog header for the pc blog as well as final sidebar touches. it is an adjustment to know what to write here and what to write there. i've decided to be a reporter at large on the pc blog, hoping to relay stories, pictures and any revelant news/information as it happens. this blog, my blog, will still be my rants, hopes, dreams, fears and struggles. just in case you were worried i got all buoyant and floated away :) thank you to those of you who have already visited/followed and commented on the phoenix commotion blog. i've linked it to my sidebar so check in and say hi!


Angela Recada said...

It's terrific how you are both finding how and where you fit. When you look back on this, you'll see that it really didn't take you long at all, it just seemed so at the time.

I can see that you are really contributing in meaningful ways to Dan' vision.

I'll definitely be checking in on the PC blog.

paula said...

thanks angela, i hope we make a difference just as i believe being involved is making a difference in me and tod's life. i think we are too busy and scattered still to even know what we are doing :)

San said...

On my way to see what the commotion's about...