one more for the road

jaw/teeth surprisingly tough to drill through the jaw

i got the 2nd table done!!!! finished it this morning and went to the bone house to drop it off before the museum people got there to pick up all the furniture. i will be doing a post on the phoenix commotion blog today about all the furniture and more about the bone house.

i have to say, i'm liking wood better. ESPECIALLY when i get to combine bone with it. providing we can get hold of more extraneous pieces that they don't need to decorate the house with and providing there is a market for it, i could be making more furniture and selling it on the new online design store for the phoenix commotion. [not yet up but getting worked on]

long way to go i'm sure, for me. still don't know what i'm doing but learning how to make it work somehow. after the hours and hours of looking/thinking/trying screwing up and starting over, i do like the challenge of working with new materials as well as making functional work. i am satisfied with what little i've done...knowing i can do much better and looking forward to seeing what's next!

4 jaw bones on top and 4 vertebrae on table legs

multi views of table


AnitaNH said...

Paula, that is so cool. I love the wing-y things on the legs. You could put two rows of tall triangles across the top and you would have a backgammon table.

Sorry, I'm on a triangle tangent. Love those jaw bones!

paula said...

yes you are on a triangle tear....
thats a great idea :)

deb said...

seems you are unstuck!!

jeanamarie said...

something about the jaw bones and teeth as part of the table top is really interesting to me - like a strange reference to eating or something or other. I'm not sure I know what I'm trying to say!

paula said...

thanks jeanamarie...i'm surprised myself that it 'works' and doesn't seem creepy or gross. not something i ever even imagined i would be working with!

Angela Recada said...

It never fails to strike me how beautiful stripped down bones are. So sculptural. And adding them to architecture and furniture really does feel like the logical, organic next step.

The table looks like it wants to take off and fly.

paula said...

yep angela, it does feel like little bats are on the legs (to me at least)
i like what dan says about bones...will post that on the pc blog soon. he has made me see them in a whole new light!

sarala said...

Wow. It looks like it wants to take a bite out of me.
Very original and cool.
I'll be mosying over to the new blog.