MA Open Studios

Mark your calendars for the 18 Annual Open Studios, Saturday and Sunday before Thanksgiving. Artists open their studio doors to the general public from 11 am to 5 pm. I am proud to say I know Margaret MacLellan, who is one of the artists there. Above you can see one of her paper mache works.

I met Margaret this summer when I was looking for studio space to rent in MA. I was unsure if I was going to outright move to Massachusetts or go down for blocks of time and slowly get to know the Boston area and it's art community. Margaret and her studio mate put an ad in craigslist for studio space to share/rent and we hit it off instantly. The space was perfect and I loved these women immediately but in talking it over more with Tod we realized it wouldn't be quite what we wanted live wise. Tod grew up and lived most of his life in MA and didn't want to go back there. In retrospect I laugh at how we thought culturally the area might be less than perfect for us...(so instead we move to huntsville ha) Never mind that, this is about Margaret!

We have gotten to know each other through phone and email. She immediately 'got' who I was and what Tod and I were about to do when we decided to leave Vermont to volunteer here in Huntsville, TX. Her mind goes in a million places, all filled with creative thoughts that leave me spinning and dazed. What little I have seen of her work has delighted me and when I hear her ideas I know that she is someone to watch for. She has a full time 'real' job and hasn't had quite the time to let loose, but somehow she finds enough time to devote to her passion and I have no doubt she will continue to soar artistically.

So if you are in the Boston area, go say hi, go see work from a plethora of artists and enjoy their annual studio tour. The main building is the ET Wright Building, and down a block is the Sandpaper Building where Margaret is. Directions and more info here.

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