It's that time of year. Last year Tracy Hegelson and Jeanne Williamson started up websites. Jeanne's is Small Art Showcase, A collection of fine artists who are making their work accessible and affordable to art lovers and collectors. I'm happy to say that yesterday I sold a clock due to the exposure on Small Art Showcase. VERY COOL! Visit the fan page to see updates of new affordable, collectible works.

Tracy's site is The Fine Art Department.
The Fine Art Department is a group of 27 fine artists, working together to promote our art. Fan page is here, again, be updated on new works as they happen. I am grateful and honored to be included in both sites, the art is stellar AND affordable. Consider buying art for the Holidays, perhaps have your special someone pick out their favorite piece and buy it for them. If you don't do it, who will?

As Christmas rolls around and people are scrambling to buy gifts, both sites are refreshing their photos and updating the websites. Art is a great gift as it fuels the artist and can give you years of inspiration and a sense of well being. I think buying a handmade piece from an artist has enormous value. Hone your senses. Learn to see. Realize that people who take the time to devote their lives to creating one of kind unique pieces are giving their heart and soul to something that cannot even begin to compare with a mass produced item. Buying art is such an expansive thing to do....it will open you up if you let it. Take you to places that never existed prior. These two sites are a great place to start if you want to find affordable art by people who are serious and devoted to their passion.

Both Tracy and Jeanne are amazing at what they do. Tracy does mysterious, eerie paintings of landscapes, people as well as abstractions. She exhibitions in the New England area and is someone to watch on the radar screen. Her works have been exhibited in many fine art galleries, both as group and solo. In January she is having her 4th solo exhibition at the Harrison Gallery in Williamstown, MA., GO! if you are in that area!!! I even have a small painting of hers she gave me that I, the minimalist, covet.

Jeanne is another artist I find fascinating, her Mixed Media works are industrial in a very unusual way as she
combines printmaking, painting, collage, and stitching into her art work. Jeanne is having a solo show 'Off the Fence', at the Hunt Cavanagh Gallery at Providence College in Providence RI, which closes on December 4th. If you are in that area you wont want to miss it!

Thank you Tracy and Jeanne for creating such wonderful sites for artists!

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Tracy said...

Thanks for your lovely comments, Paula. I am so happy that you are a part of FAD, it is so nice to have this little blogger/FB community;)