quick update from the library


enclosed room (bedroom)

one side of our kitchen

other side kitchen

who needs to actually shower to WAKE UP????

living area

my kind of ceiling

more living area (kitchen is on other side of that open window area

my work room adjacent to bedroom separated by a large space

outside view of my art work space. front door on right

view from front door. bedroom on left my work room on right

our bedroom

i LOVE how our lives have been since settling in! i live a two minute walk, yes a TWO MINUTE walk from the library. HEAVEN. we live 1 mile from one of the work sites of the 'bone house' that is almost completed by dan's crew. already we have permission to use some wood and make some shelves which we did yesterday. it was surreal to think that just two months ago we were in stowe and nellie sent that email with the ny times links about dan phillips and now we are here and already learning how to use a nail air gun and i got shown a better way to use a miter/chop saw.

dan has let me store some of my bigger scrap in one of this places so we dont have everything in our apartment. its really a loft, WHO KNEW that an artist type loft existed here? when we saw this our mouths dropped open. we went back to that real estate lady who already knew who we were ( i wrote about that a few posts ago and how it was like the twilight zone). i had a good feeling about her, so did tod. so on wed we went there and asked what she had available. we had decided to get this 400 sq foot one bedroom apartment above a garage that honestly if we lived there wouldn't have any space for anything and everything would go into storage. when she showed us this loft and it was near double the rent of the smaller place we went outside and wrote down exactly what it would cost to be in both. if we got the smaller one i would be paying $150 a month in climate controlled storage and it would be at the end of the city. it would be a mess too as my packing was chaotic since originally i thought we were going to oregon and i just bunched everything together however fit best. were we to get storage we would have to pray for a dry day and have dan's crew painstakingly wait as i opened things to get stuff out to repack in storage. it would suck and i wouldn't have easy access to my art should i try to sell it online or in galleries. after we did the numbers we saw it wouldn't be more than a $1000 more in six months so why not have a space that caters to the possibility of art making and art access? its in a good area and we can walk to most places. yayayayay!!!! incredibly we signed the SMALL lease as opposed to the book of a lease we were presented with earlier that week. incredibly dan's crew moved everything out of that truck in less than ONE HOUR. just like that we had a place. easiest fastest move in of my life!

we are a little close to campus, and there are college brutes in the building we are in and we hear them, as do we hear the weight lifters below who rent a space. its all concrete flooring so we REALLY hear the scooting and music and voices. i'm only bothered by the scooting but hopefully we get the rest we need and aren't there all day or too damn tired by the end of the day to care. soon as i get my computer up and wifi in the apartment i can blast my own music :)

everyone is polite, soft spoken and pretty nice. the food thing is still a challenge but i'm on a budget anyhow and maybe it will entice me to get to houston. tod and i had to return the penske truck a few days ago and it was south, we went too far an ended up at the outskirts of houston. it was pouring rain and we stopped at an inn to find out where we were. i started talking to the desk guy and he told us where to go in houston. he said he comes up to huntsville state park when he wants to get away from it all. apparently it is really nice here and in town we have some trails as well.

one of dan's crew invited me and tod for dinner on thurs. so we got a chance to eat a hot meal and chat it up. i was impressed as this guy can't be more than 25 IF and he and his girlfriend made us feel quite comfortable. he caught us up a bit about things. we were able to walk there from our loft and it felt like REAL LIFE. i guess living sequestered up on that mountain in stowe was good and honestly it was quite the experience, but we are so ready for life and people, a life i've never really had as most of my 20's and 30's was spent drinking and being a mess of a human. i'm feeling like this is how life was supposed to be. i might be 48 years old, but right now i feel like i just now left home and am starting my own life. its delicious. and we are both pleased at all git out to have a home together, a life that so far is already more involved and busy than anything we had in vermont.

look forward to showing 'after' pictures once we get things more situated. this is a work in progress as we need to procure/make furniture and things in order to get it all functional. i like having this challenge though, as does tod. the goal is not to buy anything if possible and keep it minimal (yeah right). more later!


AnitaNH said...

Hey Paula, nice to hear that you landed safely. How nice to be so close to the P.L.

That shower is something else!

Karen said...

YES!!!!!! That is the PERFECT place. I am so happy for you! Everything is happening lickity split the way it is supposed to! Happy dances all around!

Chris said...

Very cool. You sound rather up beat and that's good. Love the checkered flag shower. I wonder if I would shower faster in there?

andrea pratt said...

I love how this place looks! (And yikes -- we're the same 'vintage'! :)

Mikel O'Brien said...

LOVE the looks of your new digs! I think it'll soon be a place that you'll be calling "home" and creating in! Congratulations! :)

Angela Recada said...

It was meant to be! Look at how it's all fitting together. And your place looks and sounds perfect for you!

You probably don't remember, but waaaay back, several months ago, I commented here that you and your art reminded me of a Phoenix rising from the rubble. Now, here you are, starting an amazing new chapter in your life, working with Phoenix Commotion. Oh yeah! All of this is terrific news.

I'm so thrilled for you both! Really thrilled.

sarala said...

It all sounds so great. I am really happy for you!

Tracy said...

This looks like the perfect place for you and Tod! And, wow! What a shower! Holy cow!

Janet said...

That looks like a very fun place to start your next adventure!!

Kim Hambric said...

Fantastic! FANTASTIC!!! Looking forward to updates.

Yes that shower is like an early morning slap in the face. A nice slap in the face, if there is such a thing.

Nellie's Needles said...

Wow! The outside looks like a "box". However, the inside looks as though it was just waiting for you and Tod to find it and make it your own.

Glad to hear all is beginning well in spite of the glitches. If all had gone perfectly, there would be little or no appreciation for those pieces that have fallen in good places.

Ellen said...

It was meant to be. Love the place, you need to make some banana splits in that awesome retro kitchen. You sound so positively enthused. Wonderful!

deb said...

glad you have a place to call home again, and I must say that the paint alone would wake me up in the morning!! but I'm a sepia girl at heart!

Rob said...

Congratulations. Looks like a great space and a great opportunity. I'm doubting you'll ever make it to Portland.

self taught artist said...

thanks guys! its fun here although a bit crowded...guess i will be living with boxes for a long time to come. had to laugh at the banana split kitchen comment...it is kind of bizzaro here but we needed something funky and not ordinary to remind us on a daily basis that we are up for radical change.
more soon...i hear a box calling me.

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Wow--that looks like home already--and so open to creativity--the utilitarian with some playful color thrown in--I love it, Paula, way to go! I'll be keeping my antenae on the lookout for new posts! So glad to hear you are having fun and meeting nice people--there are nice people everywhere!

Mary said...

Wow--walking distance to the library! I walked over to my library today--I love living close to it. And you've started finding friends, too. Welcome to the South!

ArtPropelled said...

Wow, this is wonderful! Love the colour scheme in the kitchen with the black and white tiles.