is it something i packed?

*updated at the end

wow even in the picture i can see the truck leaning to the left....just as its doing in real life. and look...its after 6pm and we were going to be on the road at noon. and where am i? why i'm sitting on my recently mopped empty living room floor.

we of course didn't get everything done in time. yesterday was amazing..a guy i happened upon down the mountain said he would help pack the truck (i offered to pay $15 an hour). he came, as well as a friend i haven't even seen in a few years (i worked for her briefly when i was a massage therapist at the green mtn inn a few months). this guy used to work for allied vans and he knew what he was doing. he single handedly packed this thing like some sort of savant. tod and i added a few things today and used those cratey things you see to cover some pointy ends, gives it that beverly hillbillies look dont you think?

so yesterday was beyond any of my wildest imaginations of how easy it could be. the truck was packed in 3 hours (the night before we spent 2 hours packing it). it was the fastest, easiest thing i've ever experienced. my back wasn't even screaming at me. and tod sold his van while we did the truck, a woman came by and they were going over everything for nearly 2 hours....everything got done seemingly superfast. but you know how moving is, there are things you can't pack til the last minute. and cleaning. and this house that we care take for had things that needed to be done as well. blah blah blah. around 5 we decided to get the car up on the car dolly. that is when the rear tires alarmed us. we have 2 sets on each side. THEY ARE TOUCHING EACH OTHER. that isn't good is it?

confusion about the weight load. the inside of the truck says 2600lb. our paperwork says 32oo and online at the penske site it says 4300. hmmmmm. and how the hell would i know what it weighed anyhow? and what about this bad noise tod hears every now and then...

we called the guy that packed the truck yesterday and asked what he thought. he said there is NO way its too heavy. tod just called the 24 hr emergency number and someone will be here in an hour or more. i have no idea what to think....i sure as hell dont want to pay someone to unload and reload...or decide if i have to get rid of things. tod is also hearing bad backfire type sounds. he drove it to the gas station to check tires. i'm staying down here and burying my head in the computer. i want to be gone. but i guess that isn't happening. will keep you posted on the mini drama that i hope stays mini.

*okay we are morons but penske SHOULD have had correct tire pressure. all rear tires were grossly low. the tires still touch a little but they share the same rim...who knows. the guy came out and said penske now hires out mechanics so they technically aren't responsible even though they are. and the noise tod heard.....my scrap clanging around, which explains why i didn't hear it as i was out of the cab and he was in it driving. one thing that was messed up was the on again off again parking/brake light. the service dude fixed it. its almost 10pm incredibly tod would like to leave but i think i want some semblance of normal sleeping tonight. it will be dicey to get there and find a place in time before wed's truck due date, then its $100 extra a day for the truck. its a little overwhelming but i'm too tired to care right now. hopefully we wake up early, tires are still inflated, we correctly hook up the dolly to tow the car and off we go.


Angela Recada said...

Wow. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that the truck is good to go.

AnitaNH said...

What an amazing photo! Is that VT maple syrup sitting there on the tailgate?!!

self taught artist said...

yep....vt maple syrup. 2 gal. the woman who bought the van from tod gave it to him and we wanted to give it to the crew in huntsville. funny you would notice that. that other big bottle is simple green in case you wonder :)
angela, cross em hard!!!!

Karen said...

thankfully everything looks like it is going to be great. Here's to a safe quick fun sunshining drive to Texas!