im so bad

i should be posting pictures of the job site, of my life here in huntsville right? instead i'm posting my favorite things, scrappy things. tod and i stopped at rest areas for gas/pee/walk breaks and that was IT. at once place i saw these locks and while i only had my smaller pixel camera, had to take a few pictures. kind of bothers me that i dont know when or if i will ever find a printer i like who gets me and can match my previous images....and i doubt i will be sending anything off to canada anytime for laminations/mixed media pieces. that was all done for me in stowe and at cost, there is no way i can afford it myself right now.

so what am i doing? what have i been doing? god only knows. chaos people. a life turned inside out, upside down and still churning in the butter wheel. i couldn't take it today and got a 5x10 storage unit, our loft smells of cardboard. we have had a shitload of rain, 'a real frog floater' as its called. torrents. non stop an entire day. our ceiling was leaking in two places. when we came home at night our windows were all steamed up inside - for 2 days. we dont have screens on these ancient windows so we couldn't open them as the rained just poured in. not sure art will bode well here, but hopefully in a little storage unit it will be better. i wont bother explaining the sordid details of THAT. its not a 'real' storage unit at least what i was thinking, but i can't be picky here i realize. i get what i get. in a way i've gone even further outside of the box. yes people, america may be the fine and mighty but there are more pockets of 'diversity' here than one might think.

today i went to look for more food and an old man made a beeline right towards me and i ended up having a 10 minute conversation about everything from mattresses, butchering, wheat and food. what started that? well i was in shorts and a t-shirt and everyone here is wearing long flannel shirts/sweaters and looking all ready for winter. uh...its in the 80's here. high 70's, high sixties at night. I'M HOT. he started the conversation by saying anyone who is dressed like me is tough and not to be messed with. he stated that he was wearing his winter clothes. he couldn't understand why i was dressed that way. tod and i have noticed that everyone seems to be dressed for winter and now its confirmed: they are.

my mind just gets blown and not always happily. today i got my library card and with great anticipation i went to the new book shelf. the fiction and non fiction are all mixed up together...and some of the 'new' books are in fact very old. VERY OLD. i walked the aisles looking for biographies/memoirs. i'm going to be learning alot about history and texas and politics. fuck me. i need escape not more education!

i've had to go grocery shopping at wal marts. ( the devil). today i went to target and at 12:30 there were only 2 cashiers. people hate target here, which i understand, i do too, but wal mart is worse in my mind and that place was filled with people. men and women all holding shopping lists and going up and down V E R Y S L O W L Y if not flat out stopped and inert. it was fascinating. i forgot what i needed and just walked by them all at warp speed taking it all in and feeling like the alien i knew i was.

the peoples are nice here. slow. nice. soft spoken. friendly. lots of traffic in this town but few noticed assholes so far. lots of dualies LOTS of dualies and lots of diesel noise coming from them. i like seeing people that dont have milk white skin. i come from illinois and arizona...i'm used to mexicans and blacks and i rarely saw anyone but milkies in vermont. so thats nice. makes me happy to be around diversity. i just wish the food was diverse. but hey who doesn't have 10 extra pounds to lose.


sarala said...

What are dualies--mixed race? I've never heard the expression. I've noticed that people are very chatty in Hawaii. I had to practically drag myself out of one shop when the owner kept talking and I had to get going! I'm used to the big city, don't talk to strangers attitudes.

sarala said...

PS--love the photo!

self taught artist said...

dualies (which i just learned) are double tires on back of trucks

andrea pratt said...

Yikes -- you won't be losing those 10 lbs shopping for food at WalMart. We had to go there last weekend to get a shaver screen and decided we'd try and find dinner there -- as a 'scientific' experiment. It was sad. There was nothing there that was actual FOOD except some dairy products. Maybe you actually have produce and real meat at yours? We ended up buying frozen meat balls and frozen mixed veg and some pakora. At least there's some highly processed ethnic food there.

Just sayin'.

self taught artist said...

yeah andrea they are all different i guess. we do have tons of meat (but it scares me) and vegies. tod appears to be living mostly on haagen daaz.

i never thought i would be buying groceries in target/walmart....already i have seemingly permanent baggy eyes from more sodium? humidity? who knows.

ArtPropelled said...

"a real frogfloater" ....Ugh .... leaky ceilings ....ugh ...but you do make it sound like an adventure. The lock photograph is fantastic. Love the perspective with the sky above.