update about paula page

I added to the bottom and tweaked a bit before, but here is my website about me update:

...Within a year of living in Vermont I had made enough art to start exhibiting. In Jan 2006 I got gallery representation at the West Branch Gallery & Sculpture Park in Stowe, Vermont and spent the next three years exhibiting locally. I learned a lot during that time but as is the case when you are going at warp speed, I feel I have outgrown this area and even my own desires in that time. I thought being in galleries would be the end all be all. It was not. My interests in re-purposing materials and making functional art have begun to outweigh my interest in decorative works. The last year especially I have been interested in making studio furniture as well as home design/building. While I have absolutely no skills (yet) nor the money or land to do so (yet), I am going back out there, back on the road (this time with my friend Tod) where we hope to embark on an education of sorts. It will be an adventure, once again, and one I hope that will land me closer to my destiny. I need to feel useful. I need to not be a part of redundancy. I personally cannot stand the thought of living in a box. A dry walled, painted dismal dungeon. I want to be a part of creating something that is bigger than myself. What that is, where that is, I do not know yet. All I know is I feel a tug and have to trust I will find the place, the people on the other end.

Needless to say, when I hit the road in mid October, my art will not be available for sale as I wont have access to it. If you find yourself wanting to help support an artist on her journey, if you feel a pull towards a certain piece of art, September is the last month to do so. I will pack it up and put it in storage after that. I thank all of you who up to this point have supported me emotionally as well as by purchasing art. You are buying more than an inanimate object, you are getting a piece of my heart and soul.


karin McCullough said...

Paula, have you thought about allowing access to your storage unit to someone trusted in the area...maybe one of Tod's family members? That way you could sell the art in the storage unit whenever!

self taught artist said...

well i have no one trusted here ;(
and tod's mom lives 4hr south in MA. its too much of a hassel and everything is going to be shoved in this new smaller space and quite frankly it is such a hassel to pack art i wouldn't put that on anyone.plus i would need to print out the appropriate forms(certificate of authenticity/who it sold to when etc. and on and on.) if is isn't selling now it sure as hell wont sell when it isn't for SALE. i should toss it all but i'm not that hard core yet.