moving to Texas

We finally decided its for sure Texas. We are going to go to Huntsville, get our hands dirty and learn all we can about building reclaimed homes. It's a bit much to take in, and honestly I find myself thinking less than ever. What is there to think about? It is all happening seemingly on its own and it is a relief to have the ball in motion and not have to suppose or get into a head trip about anything. I have no idea what to expect and I like it that way. All I know is this:

we leave oct 15.
we are going to huntsville texas to volunteer for the phoenix commotion (sidebar link)
we plan to rent a house and set it up as an art studio for both tod and myself.
we will be living as simply as possible, bringing our art supplies/tools/clothing/computer and kitchen stuff
we are going to get some help from the people there, in advance they are going to scout out some possible homes for rent
there might be a venue for my work there believe it or not so if all goes well i will have more opportunity to show/sell art there, than i have had here.

I look back at my life and remember being a small child making intricate towns and structures in the sandbox. or playing with american bricks and building homes; using lincoln logs or playing cards to build build build. i remember watching my father using tools to redo the house or construction workers magically creating a building and thinking how do they DO that?! i have always said i want to build my own home. design it. but sometimes you say things and dont believe you will or CAN. i still struggle with thinking i'm too physically weak or dyslexic. or whatever other stupid labels i have foisted upon myself. this might very well be IT. and if it isn't thats okay too. at least i'm closer to having an opportunity to finding out if this is indeed what i want. all we can do is try.


Angela Recada said...

Wow Paula! I've finally had some time to catch up with your blog. This is incredible news. I am so happy for you and Tod! And Nellie! She is definitely in your life for a reason.

This move seems to be the perfect next step for you and Tod. I googled Huntsville and Dan's project, and I'm blown away by what he's doing! It's awesome that you are going to be involved in this. Dan's mission and the houses he's building leave me speechless with admiration. The houses are absolutely beautiful. Unlike anything I've ever seen anywhere but in my imagination.

(If I ever decide to really go through with it and run away from home, I know where I'm heading now!)

I really admire what you and Tod are doing. I wish you both all the very, very best.


Margaret Ryall said...

I'm glad you will soon be on your way to new experiences and I look forward to hearing about this project. You must be relieved to have reached a decision about the next step. I've followed your posts throughout the last two months when I was near a computer. I'm back on track now. Good luck.

self taught artist said...

it is a HUGE relief margaret. it has made all the difference in the world having a sense of direction and purpose.
thanks too angela for your enthusiasm. i agree, dans work and philosophy leave me speechless too.
maybe this will be the end of my frustrated rants!!!!!

Daphne Enns said...

You sound like you've taken a heavy burden off yourself. I played the same things when I was little too.

I didn't think that I could do any of those things when I grew up either.

We make our own happiness. And that doesn't mean it's easy. Happiness is hell! love you Paula. This is such a good step- not knowing the future is sometimes the best way to build dreams.

Janet said...


Vanti Designs said...

There is no way Paula that doing for others all that you are planning to do will turn out bad ! There is justice in this world, and it would be such a greater place if more people would follow in your footsteps :) I admire you and wish you all the best!

Kim Hambric said...

Paula, I am amazed at the progress you have made in getting to the next phase of your life. Seems you are going in the right direction.

San said...

All of this sounds so worthwhile. You do have a destination, a beautiful one!

Chris said...

Well, of course I had to read about Dan's project before I commented, and I realize that I just read a big article in the NYTimes about this. It does sound very cool. So you leave on the 15th. Do you have to get that $500 worth of work on your car done first? Yikes, it's so scary and exciting!

self taught artist said...

its balls to the walls chris. need more car work and found out my crown is bad...another 1080 for that if i'm game (doesn't seem to want any art can you IMAGINE???)
maybe i will screw it all and get 'er done in texas who knows. i dont care anymore. i just want out of here.

self taught artist said...

daphne...i love you too you are just PERFECT.
thanks janet :)
vanti..that i met you on etsy and you are friend clear across the oceans...i love it, thanks for sharing in my life.
thanks kim...maybe my sarcasim will wain, hope you will like me then :)
thanks san...one state closer to YOU!

Tracy said...

So excited for you Paula, this looks like a wonderful plan and I am pretty sure I want that guy to come and build one of his houses on our property now too;)

Also sounds like you will still be on the computer, so I am glad about that too!

self taught artist said...

thanks tracy...i'm happy too not to have to stray too far too long from the internet, i would hate being out of touch with you guys! and no kidding, how cool to have a unique home that isn't a resource hog.