i wonder

...if i will take the wonder horse with me.


Karen said...

There is a working Wonder horse in a courtyard where I deliver the mail. It sits there year round. Looks neglected,unused yet somehow it has remained untaken by junk dealers who drive by in thier dented rusty pick-ups. A wandering vine of morning glories had wound its way through the frame at one point. Then Saturday, a woman was leaving her apt with her young child. He ran, in bounding leaps to the Wonderhorse. Climbed on and began the joyous bouncing upon that magical horse. "Look Mommy! I'm a rodeo cowboy!" he shouted with the gleam of the dream in his eyes... I thought of you and the wonderhorse in its nest of leaves..

Kim Hambric said...


I love your art. I enjoy reading about your rusty finds. Your creations of tables and shelves are inspiring. You are probably known to most of your fans for your fabulous clock.

When you first showed that photo the wonder horse in its forgotten state, it gave me chills. When I think of you, I most often connect you to the wonder horse. To me, you are the wonder horse. I mean that only in the best of ways.

I guess you can take that to mean that you should chuck it and start over, or that you should take it with you no matter where you go in life.

San said...

Ride the Wonder Horse west, my friend.

sarala said...

I was going to say I hope you don't throw it out but then I read Kim's comment and she had the better idea. Keep or throw, whatever works best for you!

self taught artist said...

kim and karen...after those two comments i think i will make room for him. i started cleaning him up yesterday, there was a ton and i mean a ton of dried dirt in him i have to keep shaking and pulling wads of things out of those little holes on his side (for the pole?)
kim...that was probably the most touching thing i've EVER read.
so i shall ride that puppy like the wind.

Dawn of LaTouchables said...

I'm kind of fond of that wonder horse, and I wonder what he will look like in your new domain, so I'd keep him if he's not too much work--he is definitely adorable!