going for it (again)

I couldn't embed the one I want you to watch. It's the last one, that is 26 min. long, although I like the others too, this one speaks to me the most. Nellie sent me a new york times article about Dan Phillips five days ago which I read and deleted after sending tod a link. Then I found myself going through the garbage and looking at it again. And again. And again. And today I realized after hearing Dan talking about drywall...and houses...that I CANNOT BEAR to go live in another stupid house or apartment. I find it all so offensive that I would rather stay in flea bag motels or camp and just get my wits about me. Tod too. So goodby moving truck. Goodby hauling shit to another box and living life like always. Gonna sift through more, get rid of more, shove my art into storage and hit the road in my car. (with tod of course) If you see something you want to buy get it, because when I'm on the road I wont be trotting back to Vermont anytime soon to pull something out of storage.

What will we do you ask? Well who the hell knows. Find people to work with and learn from. Get experience. Learn new skills. Taste different areas and explore. Be free. I don't know. Anything is better than moving into a dreary space that is noxious and cookie cutter-like. Anything is better than walking on the treadmill. I don't know what I want, but I DO know what I DONT want. It sucks to feel so lost and amoeba like, I'm frustrated beyond belief. When life isn't working you can't keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. That is the definition of insanity. So back to tossing myself out there, this time I will have Tod with me. A gang of two instead of one. Maybe in a few years there will be a tribe.


Ellen said...

I've heard of him before and did watch the 26 min vid. I love what he does. As for your plans, I have just one thing to say, WOO HOO! When you first talked about leaving, THIS was what I though you meant. Good for you, don't be burdened with stuff, be a nomad, find your tribe, see what happens.

self taught artist said...

whoohoo....long as i dont think i think i will be okay.