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last chance

I'm never comfortable blasting horns about art, I figure if someone wants to buy something they will regardless of sales, but it sure can't hurt to mention one more time that my sale ends today! This is the last day to purchase select mixed media works and my RR Clocks at a discount. Many but not all of the clocks are listed on etsy (you can see them allhere ). A handful of mixed media pieces are also on sale (listed on my website and a few on my etsy moving sale page) I'm pleased to have sold some clocks, photography and misc. works as this lightens the load a bit and helps send me on my way. Thank you so much to those of you who purchased art during the month of september! Tomorrow it all gets packed up and ready for it's new life!

moving to Texas

We finally decided its for sure Texas. We are going to go to Huntsville, get our hands dirty and learn all we can about building reclaimed homes. It's a bit much to take in, and honestly I find myself thinking less than ever. What is there to think about? It is all happening seemingly on its own and it is a relief to have the ball in motion and not have to suppose or get into a head trip about anything. I have no idea what to expect and I like it that way. All I know is this:

we leave oct 15.
we are going to huntsville texas to volunteer for the phoenix commotion (sidebar link)
we plan to rent a house and set it up as an art studio for both tod and myself.
we will be living as simply as possible, bringing our art supplies/tools/clothing/computer and kitchen stuff
we are going to get some help from the people there, in advance they are going to scout out some possible homes for rent
there might be a venue for my work there believe it or not so if all goes well i will have more oppo…

another week goes by

If I didn't know better, looking at the top photos I'd say what the hell have you been doing anyway paula? are you even packing?! but yes, I have worked non-stop now, this must be week 5. Considering it took me 5 years to collect and make all that i have made, it is fitting that it take me at least a week for each year. there is progress..the lower photos show the boiler room, which was stuffed, is now mostly empty boxes. the stuff on the shelves is the houses' and not mine. I would have more packed and done too but have to keep things out as my art sale is still going on. sale ends wed, then it all gets packed!

this was the hardest week yet. i had a meltdown, which i knew would happen but didn't know when or what would trigger it. it was when i actually went against my gut and got a storage unit. i know not everyone can keep up with our vacillating plans. in a nutshell, a recap if you will....

first we were going to move to portland.
then we were sent a link…

crying wolf

'i'm not going to blog for awhile. blah blah blah'

well, it has been 4 days. thats awhile. for some reason it seems like ages. i guess i like my blog. i like my readers. i dont like how vulnerable i feel sometimes and how idiotic and stubborn and naive and brittle i think i appear but i am what i am.

i dont know what it is about 3 weeks that makes everything suddenly seem dangerously close. while i'm not big into astrology, i did realize that mercury went into retrograde i think sept 9 and thats akin to being on a boat in a storm with nothing tied down. if you aren't prepared watch out.

so i broke my toe. i found out i need $500 in car work done. i realized i probably have a cavity and 6 years worth of plaque that needs attention, not to mention some other issues in this mouth of mine. someone on facebook suggested i trade art (which i tried to do a few years ago and got no response.). at my wits end about $$ i tried again, and while they haven't looked …

over 500 posts

I have nothing to say lately. Well, not anything that anyone probably wants to read. I noticed I've written just over 500 posts, this is the fifth hundred and third. Not that that means anything. Just realizing there is a lot of written word here. Sprinkle in the posts I have deleted and I've probably 50 more. Could be a good time to take a break. Nothing fabulous or exciting is happening. There is a month left give or take a week before we scoot off into the unknown. I realize I'm not miss peppy and optimistic right now and lately I feel like I have the plague so perhaps its best I bow out. If and when I'm happy and hopeful and have good news to share I'll pop back in. I'm doing you all a favor, and probably myself as well by shutting up.

gather round

...its movie time. 'Up the Yangtze', one of those movies that you can't not watch but feel uneasy doing so. I still have images of this movie in my head from two days ago.

I don't have the energy or real desire to go on about it. Just wanted to put it out there and let you decide if you want to watch it by dint of the link.

And me? I'm in a limbo of sorts. Not quite ready to start putting things in storage. Waiting til the end of the month as my art sale ends then; then it will be time to pack it up for good. More dickering around with do I keep this too? Sizing up what needs to be done to the house in order to leave it in good condition. And mostly avoiding doing anything right now. Will be busy enough soon enough and taking a break from the last 3 weeks of crazy unloading of stuff.


I keep thinking of the show on monday nights 'hoarders'. its an intervention of sorts of people who have serious (in my opinion its a mental illness) hoarding going on and are up for evictions etc. Watching the amount of stuff get thrown out that is now decrepit with cat or mouse droppings and moldy food, clothes, wood and whatever else spores thrive on, makes me a little angry. They have to destroy it all, nothing can be salvaged.

Tod and I have the least amount of personal possessions over anyone I know and yet my art stuff is another matter. I went from thinking I was pairing down BIG TIME and putting it all into a 26ft, then a 22ft, then a 17 ft. then a 16 ft truck and NOW it is going into a 7x8x10 storage closet. If I truly had enough belief in myself I would get rid of it all and just leave sans shit.

Most of us have too much stuff and we all know it I think. Few of us ever deal with it head on, we leave it to whoever is in our wills to deal with. Not nice if you as…

update about paula page

I added to the bottom and tweaked a bit before, but here is my website about me update:

...Within a year of living in Vermont I had made enough art to start exhibiting. In Jan 2006 I got gallery representation at the West Branch Gallery & Sculpture Park in Stowe, Vermont and spent the next three years exhibiting locally. I learned a lot during that time but as is the case when you are going at warp speed, I feel I have outgrown this area and even my own desires in that time. I thought being in galleries would be the end all be all. It was not. My interests in re-purposing materials and making functional art have begun to outweigh my interest in decorative works. The last year especially I have been interested in making studio furniture as well as home design/building. While I have absolutely no skills (yet) nor the money or land to do so (yet), I am going back out there, back on the road (this time with my friend Tod) where we hope to embark on an education of sorts. It wil…

going for it (again)

I couldn't embed the one I want you to watch. It's the last one, that is 26 min. long, although I like the others too, this one speaks to me the most. Nellie sent me a new york times article about Dan Phillips five days ago which I read and deleted after sending tod a link. Then I found myself going through the garbage and looking at it again. And again. And again. And today I realized after hearing Dan talking about drywall...and houses...that I CANNOT BEAR to go live in another stupid house or apartment. I find it all so offensive that I would rather stay in flea bag motels or camp and just get my wits about me. Tod too. So goodby moving truck. Goodby hauling shit to another box and living life like always. Gonna sift through more, get rid of more, shove my art into storage and hit the road in my car. (with tod of course) If you see something you want to buy get it, because when I'm on the road I wont be trotting back to Vermont anytime soon to pull something…


so yesterday i went to montpelier to get my work out of the gallery. when he asked me a few questions like when are you leaving/ portland huh?/ have you been checking all the art galleries? and when i heard myself saying out loud that i didn't know when we are leaving (i like not having a date but to others it sounds insane), and portland we think but we could just keep on driving or stop before we get there, and no, i'm not checking galleries...i started focusing on that tiny pit in my stomach that feels like something isn't right.

tod has this sense too. you see, we dont want to just go live in an ugly box and eek out an existence. we have little choice so it we aren't exactly in financial hog heaven and we have little in the way of skills to fall back on that we can or want to do again. tod doesn't want to go back to coaching people/weight training. he doesn't want to do tech work and probably couldn't as he really hasn't kept up with …

i wonder

...if i will take the wonder horse with me.

yin and yang

the wonderful thing, for the most part, about having tod in my life is that we constantly are in polar opposite mode. a few weeks ago, this whole move thing had me lit up. never mind any of the how's i was charged up and performing near inhuman feats for days on end. up and down stairs tossing moving storing packing. up and down. to the dump. unloading and loading. the female Arnold Schwarzenegger took over my being.

tod was almost incapacitated with a back teetering on outage. my back was killing me too but i'm the one with a ton of art crap. i was getting high off of a sense of purpose. driven by a mad desire to have things in order asap so i can rest a bit before actually packing a truck and driving for a week. he was also more daunted than i was. i was in strong we can do anything mode. now i'm sinking into oh god mode and he is feeling strong and anticipating opportunity.

enter week three. sprinkle in some pms. sprinkle in more delving into reality online a…

September Moving Sale

I am having a moving sale on my Limited Ed Clocks on Etsy during the month of September! Take 25% off the price and I pay for shipping. If you've had your eye on a particular one, have a special someone to splurge on, now is the time. (not all clocks are listed there, you can see the rest here) My goal is to sell at least 10 clocks this month to help offset the costs of driving/moving everything to Portland Oregon in October.

While my Mixed Media Assemblages aren't 25% off, I am open to offers. In the coming days I will be posting some photos and misc. art that will also be discounted. The more I can sell and lighten my load the better!

Feel free to contact me with any questions about a particular piece. October 1 the sale ends and art will be packed up and no longer available for sale until after I have moved and am settled. Thanks to those who have already purchased clocks in the last few weeks!