miserable in MA

I don't think I've ever had food poisoning in my life until now. I was out looking at a studio on Tues. and was offered some juice....didn't taste right to me but I guzzled it. 15 hours later I was puking every two hours and wanting to die. It's now fri and I hope I had my last puke this morning. At least I finally feel like I can put something in my mouth and keep it in there. I still want to sleep and not move but I know if i do have a bug I need to get up and walk around, get things moving. It is finally beautiful out too, the hot humidity and rain that has been going on practically since I got here over a week ago are gone.

I did say in the previous post I'm done looking for studios but obviously I wasn't as i had one more to look at on Tues. I really liked the women, one was a carpenter and the other makes paper mache animals that vary from small to large, regal to bizarre. Good stuff and great people. They wanted me and I wanted them but Tod and I decided the area wasn't going to be a good fit. I know we can't have everything, the typical artist studio set up is in a shitty area, and while this wasn't a crime ridden hell hole, we both realized after alot of online searching that we wouldn't get any quality of lifestyle that we want in our day to day. Still no public transport other than catching a train to Boston, all blue collar (and I can say this because I am Irish Catholic), and almost completely Irish Catholic population. Tod and I are pretty out of the box and we know we wouldn't bode well. Were talking Plymouth Rock and boxing and more dunkin donuts than ANYWHERE on the planet.

Look, we know we are looking to leave paradise..who doesn't want to live in Vermont? We know it will be a shock to live in an apartment and deal with things we haven't had to in years. But IF we are going to do that we at least need to live where we can hang in cool places in our day to day. And the unemployment rate where we were looking was up to 12%. Not good.

It's a bit much to keep thinking about. I'm not feeling encouraged and now wondering if we can't somehow luck into another place that has it all right there. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do. My experience in life is I look, I seek, I search and if nothing happens I know it isn't the right thing. Something else will present itself I hope.

I just want to feel good again and hopefully enjoy my last few days here. Life has slowed almost to a halt and it will be good to get back to my little world.


Angela Recada said...

Geez, Paula, I'm so sorry to hear you've had food poisoning for days. It sounds like it really knocked you out. I hope you feel much better again soon. Don't let yourself get dehydrated, OK?

Have a safe trip back to Vermont.

Chelle said...

So sorry to hear that you got knocked out by food poisoning. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Margaret Ryall said...

Poor Paula. Food poisoning is a pain-in more ways than one. It often hits on holidays. Hopefully your are better now because I'm reading this post a bit late.

It probably isn't the right time for you to move. I always pay attention to the events in my life for answers, it seems you do too.

self taught artist said...

margaret you hit the nail on the head..i take this as a big sign. BIG SIGN.

San said...

I believe you've puked Massachusetts out of your system.

self taught artist said...

i believe i have :)