I'm really enjoying my time away from my life in Stowe. It is heaven to be in this house all alone and not have to talk or do or anything if I don't want to. Not that I had a structured life going on as it was, but there is always the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle when you are around others who know you.

I'd be lying if I said I was zooming around looking at art, meeting people, making contacts. I'd be lying if I thought I knew what I was wanting. I recently made a blip of a comment on my facebook page about how the romantic idea of renting an artist studio in an old mill building is starting to seem about as romantic as renting a studio apartment in an old Victorian home. I did that once...and it was one of the most hellish living experiences I've ever had living somewhere. So I'm shelving the whole art studio idea. At least in a big building with lots of other artists. From what I have gathered both in real life and online is, artist studios are usually aimed at jewelry people, painters, photographers and other 'quiet' types or art. To rent in a place where there are sculptors and wood workers...then my noise would pale in comparison and I would probably hate THEM. I guess if you are an artist who has no other place to work, this is a good way to try it. I'm thinking for me, there is no comparison to working at home. Which leads me back to my own situation and having no clue what is next for me.

Were my bank account bursting a bit with extra funds I would be more apt to spend energy looking for where to move. I'm not there. Chicken or the egg. What to do. Do nothing when you don't know or do anything. Things have a way of working out eventually. The more I try to force something or push the more I know it isn't for me. I get that the art studio thing isn't for me...for now at least. Doesn't mean I'm not keeping eyes and ears open. Just means I'm not going out of my way anymore to go look at places.

So I'm happily here another week. Enjoying my walks, riding a bike and feeling like a kid again going down different streets and finding how they all connect. No eating out, not running around exhausting resources for the sake of being busy. I love the slowness of a day, of enjoying nature and just being. I love not being down in the basement like I am at home. Just observing life and letting it all pass through. Perhaps later this week I will venture out more. I still want to see northampton/easthampton etc. I still want to drive around a bit more and explore, but it doesn't all have to be done this time, I hope to come here again in a few weeks when another burst of home owner visiting at the house I care take at happens again. So hi and by blog readers. I have to admit its nice not being online much either. Always good to take a break from routine.


Angela Recada said...

Being away by yourself, in an interesting place, with no obligations, just the opportunity to think and be - it sounds like heaven. Enjoy your time away, Paula. I'm really happy for you.

Kim Hambric said...

Enjoy your exploring, bike riding and thought gathering. Remember, its all important.

San said...

Sounds heavenly.

Horseartist said...

Yes, the being alone sounds perfect. I tried to explain that need I have to my gregarious daughter, who is used to having her friends all piled up around her. She didn't get it....

I've mentioned your blog for an Honest Scrap award. Do what you like with it. :)


I also understand the liking not being online part. I'm struggling a bit with that lately too. :)