good stuff

Yesterday I sold a set of my RR Nut Candle Holders as well as one of my favorite clocks, 'Erosion'. That clock always reminds me of Arizona and Utah, it has that sandstone gritty been in the sun and weather feel, takes me back to living in the desert and makes me melancholy. Made my day!!!!

I seem to be taking a break from art making, planning my big THING that I can't talk about here just yet. I've mentioned it on facebook only because it's more private and until a few things have been taken care of (any hour now), I can start blabbing about it here.

I can feel discombobulation happening when I don't make art and always a little fear about distancing myself from that creative outlet. It's grounding to be working on something but not when everything else in life is chaotic. Breaks are always good though, for as scary as it continues to be to live an artists life it is a journey I've never thought I'd take, nor could I have imagined what a crash course in self growth it can be. I've learned more about myself these last five years making art than I have in all my years put together. So. More journeying coming up and looking forward to sharing it here!


JafaBrit's Art said...

I have learned to trust my muse :) and love this journey I am on. Sounds like yours is exciting.

ps. love the photo of the fireplace. I miss having one.


self taught artist said...

sounds wise to me jafa :)