ceramic and berries

Tod and I didn't think we would get many blackberries this year as we have had tons of rain. Just this week some of the plants have perked up and the sickly drowned looking nubs have turned into beautiful black bursts of interesting flavors ranging from granny smith apples to welches grape juice. The land near where we care take/live at is loaded with them, in the past we have gotten gallons and gallons of them for weeks on end. Happy to have the few that are showing, and even happier to have found another crop of sorts....ceramic conductors in the woods. We could go get buckets of those as well if we were willing to continue the hard work of digging through thorny brush and pulling up rotted wood from the ground, tugging on lines and lines of rusted barb wire. It took us a few hours to get this little bucket filled, I would guess there are about 50 of them in there. I think they are absolutely beautiful and feel good about saving them from obliteration. Things are getting torn up and built up here too, and it is just a matter of time before the land is stripped and all of this will be bull dozed into a landfill.

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artfulzebra said...

Loving the conductors, Paula, I'd come and dig with you! ;oD Rusty barbed wire wouldn't go amiss either, looking towards some work later this year on a remembrance theme, have a fancy to make some larger sculptural pieces incorporating barbed wire. ;o)