sunshine and hope

before on left, after on right

Someone actually responded to my craigslist post to de-weed their garden so this week I worked like a mad woman to get this done asap. She didn't want to spend much time or money on it but $15 an hour was my fee so I got to stop before it got completely done, guess she will do the rest this weekend before her guests come. Fine by me, my fingers are raw, my back is as tender as baked chicken. Hard work but good for the brain, good for the bank account. Nearly paid for the car work I had done this week and gave me a break from all the thoughts and things I've got going on.

Now I can get back to looking into MA more. I've done some online looking at more art studio rentals, art shows, art towns etc. Looked at jobs and gigs and art community on craigslist and am getting more of a feeling for what life could be like there. I think I could make it just doing odd little jobs for people as long as I still sold art with some regularity. It could very well be the next step that needs to be taken.

I'm relieved I decided not to do the Lowell Studio rental, going into it with hardly any money would be too difficult. It's exciting to think of some big changes but stressful and I can't jump into everything all at once and keep my sanity. I've pretty much decided this summer I am going to take as many trips to MA as I can. The house owners will be here for weeks at a time and thanks to Tod's mom I will have a place to stay and can fill my days with bike riding, exploring, odd job doing and more research into the art life there.

Tonight the gallery here in Stowe is having their big shebang annual outdoor/indoor opening. They took my recent piece after all since one sold 2 weeks ago as I only had one other piece in there. Tod will be working but I might drop by just to float around, or maybe I can drive the taxi tonight if its busy. All I know is the sun is out today and I feel like there is HOPE :)


Angela Recada said...

"I feel like there is HOPE :)"

I'm glad!

That was quite a bit of weeding you did there. My back aches just thinking about it.

It sounds like you'll have a good evening, whatever you choose to do.

Jud said...

Physical labor is good for the soul.

Margaret Ryall said...

I've been reading your blob to catch up on all your news over the last month. Seems like you are in change mode. I wish I had thought to suggest garden work as a part time way to make cash. I have an artist friend who often does this during the summer months. It is hard work though. If you were near you would have a job in my garden after five weeks of neglect.

karly / design-crisis.com said...

Wow! Do you travel to Austin? Great great work!

Kim Hambric said...

Glad to read about so much thinking and processing. Looks like you're moving forward. I do wish I had you here to work on my garden. I'm just not into it now, but since I'm making no money . . .

Yay for Tod's mom. Looks like she is going to be lots of help. As they say where I grew up, "Them's good people."

By the way, the last time I had baked chicken, it was REALLY tough.

self taught artist said...

i'd be dead in a month if i had to do that much work full time....i'll stick to art!
kim....you are right, tods mom is GREAT PEOPLE. she's bought art, she gets me, believes in me and loves my work (and she is a minimalist!). letting me stay in her house is a huge gift!