wanna know where everyone is? ....uh, facebook.
thats right. now i know why some bloggers haven't blogged much lately. now i know where people are hanging out. i'm shocked, and in a good way. people who rarely if ever comment? they are on facebook and let me tell you, they are FRIENDLY there.
i have found a whole new source of support and energy.
aside from feeling like a dolt because facebook is a bit complicated if you want to actually create more than just a page, its a place where artists seem to hang out. they are there....working and doing and living but manage to keep just one eyeball on facebook and instant responses are had. feedback, help, comments, showing off of new work....motivating and inspiring.
it's where its at and i'm just glad i made the leap!

ps if anyone is curious, i just sold a clock on etsy! first 'stranger' (you guys aren't strangers). VERY exciting. i feel like i cracked the etsy code, a fine lined fissure, but a crack none-the-less. And if you joined facebook you would already know this :)


sarala said...

My computer has had a major crash. Might be due for a new one.
Congrats on the clock.
I'll look for you on FB and friend you! My secretary got me on and it is fun. I connect there with people I actually know in the flesh. Odd, that I still don't tell "real world" friends that I have a blog.
I'm on break for a week. Just hangin' out with kids. Plus I took a board recertification exam today. That wasn't fun but I think I passed. Won't know for 8 weeks or so.
I've been meaning to e-mail you about Boston but I'm not on line much without my own computer.
I'll be in touch.

Poetic Artist said...

I was wondering where every one was..How do you find the time?

self taught artist said...

i'm sure you passed with flying colors...good to know why haven't heard bad to hear why :(

poetic artist....yes its like a secret mole society behind the scenes. i have the time barely and i have none of the usual trappings of others...how do THEY do it?

Daphne Enns said...

Yay for a sale!
And now you know why I don't blog anymore. I'll probably erase the whole embarassing thing one day...

Martha Marshall said...

I'm with you on Facebook! I've connected with friends' grownup kids whom I haven't seen since they were itty bitty, etc. And the artists are amazing.

Congrats on your sale!

Lynda Lehmann said...

Congrats on your sale!

I'll look for you on Facebook!