I thought the opening was last night, and lucky for me I didn't go as I was just too tired. So I have another chance even though I hate going alone as Tod is working. Well see, I could slip in there today and look around. I know I should socialize even though I only have two pieces in this show.

Giovanna has been a staple in the gallery for the last few years now. Her works are usually very bright and full of energy with her 'cell like' structures that have, in the past correlated with her own life happenings and health issues. This latest body of work appears much darker, they are inspired by her visit to the Amazon.

I'm not familiar with Sumru's work but I do like the Asian quality that plays into her work as well. It should be a thoughtful show and filled with plenty of other artists both new and old. Wish you guys lived here and I could go with someone!!! I do like going to these openings as I get inspired to go work on art, this gallery is just gorgeous and even more so since last year's renovations are almost complete. I have to say, the posh galleries I saw on Newbury St. in Boston have NOTHING on this gallery. It's THAT nice inside!!!!

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Rob said...

You are right, West Branch is one of the best galleries around. Certainly the best in VT. They keep getting better too.