just stuff

You probably can't see how cool this is, shot this in the garage so you could see it better. Found this last night by the side of the road, actually I've had my eye on it for weeks, a nearby place is doing a lot of tree planting and these things are what the roots were housed in. I'm thinking one day I'm going to make a wonderful hanging light fixture out of it, and until then I'm just going to enjoy it. There are more of them but I don't feel like dragging another one home, and not 100% sure they wont be returned/reused to wherever they came from, so yes, I kind of 'lifted' this. Don't arrest me....

I feel like I have a hundred things going on and I'm all over the place. Etsy...Facebook...art making. Not so much twitter happenings. I could take it or leave it. It's a lonely place twitter, FB is proving to be what I had hoped twitter would be. I feel a real kinship with the artists there and feel like I found the community I lack here in my real life.