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Facebook is here to stay. And I jumped in with both feet yesterday. And I will tell you, it's changed! I love it even if I still have tons of questions (their help center sucks and now I have to go googling how to this and that).

I get why people like it. For one, there are things to do and it feels interactive and connected and fun. I like having things to do. Twitter doesn't really supply that fix, I compare twitter use as watching a ticker tape go by on the tv screen whereas facebook lets you post things and click things and you get to play. People who normally never comment on my blog are suddenly writing quick things on facebook to me. People who seem to have stopped blogging? ....they are there. On facebook having a blast.

I remember when I started my website, it felt like the hub of life. Then after 2 years I realized I was in an empty room nary hearing echos of pages slamming. Was someone there? Is anyone now? So blogs. Next best thing. More real time at the time. Only problem was people still lurked and you can't blog little tidbits all day without people vomiting. Twitter...too many tidbits from others are overwhelming and unless there are real things to post to help/inform/promote etc. others it feels a little self absorbed.

Facebook is the answer. It has changed since I last used it 2 years ago. For one, back then the pages took FOREVER to load. And if I remember correctly, you had one ugly boring page that looked more like some website email page. Now you have bells and whistles. You can chat in real time. You can be active with others and I think it is a great platform for an artist to show others what they are doing in blips without writing zillions of blog posts.

I still have questions that I'm not finding answers to so if anyone knows:

1) how do you get a 'blog' tab? I see other bloggers and wordpress people have that
2) I dont want 100000 emails telling me when people do things but I want to know, whats best to choose from options?
3) I still do not understand how I know what people have written on their walls. at some point you will have alot of friends, to always individually pick them out and click their page and read seems laborious. i know when I first got notified people wanted to be my friend I had an option right there to choose but didn't choose it for fear of being overwhelmed by notifications....now I can't find those options.

I'm sure I will have more questions but those are the basic ones.

*found a link that helps big time with adding a blog link here.

facebook is wicked complicated if you want more than just a page...but thats probably half the fun in a really screwed up way.


Kim Hambric said...

Paula, I am so glad to hear the facebook is working out for you. I know I will have to come to you for help. I keep thinking I'm on top of it when I am so obviously not.

self taught artist said...

your the one with the fan page :)
but thanks, i have to say i'm shocked and surprised how much fun facebook is.
i'm never on top of it either kim...EVER.

Mikel O'Brien said...

Facebook's a great way to stay in touch! Send me a friend invite, search: Mikel O'Brien... :)