back from reality

Well I'm back and I have to say I couldn't have asked for a better get away. What started out as a quick 2 or 3 day trip to visit Tod's mom in Sudbury MA turned into an unexpected 5 days of a great trip. Those of you who know me know I have panic issues and the one thing I've not been able to force myself to do is go to Boston. I live 3 hours from there and I've been too afraid to go because I hear how awful the traffic is and there is no way in hell I'm taking the T there from a nearby town. I remember when Ally McBeal was a popular show I would watch it and fantasize about walking on those streets and being in what looked to be a happening city. I've lived on the east coast now for almost five years and now that I'm an artist, I know I have to get there. As you can see from the dusk photo, I WENT. I SAW. I ROAMED THE STREETS AND TOOK THE SUBWAY AND LIVED THROUGH IT ALL!

I found myself drawn to the obvious.

I saw my first ever 'famous' person, Christopher Lloyd (remember Back to the Future?). Tod and I were doing all the galleries on Newbury Street, and the woman in the Chase Gallery said wasn't that the actor so and so after he left; then we saw him on the street a few buildings down and then again, we were all watching a street performer and there he was. I feel like the only person in the world who has never seen a famous person in real life. So I am satisfied now.

Tod and I drove to Boston on the 3rd, which was Fri., it was dead in comparison to a normal day (meaning no highway gridlock). We zoomed there in my Mazda without a hitch, found ourselves near the world trade center and Tod convinced me to park there and just take the subway over to Newbury Street. I went for it. We had to change trains 3 times and by the last train I was ready to pass out and perform embarrassing bodily movements in public but I made it. It was super hot and I felt hot flashes swarming over me, I couldn't get out of there fast enough. I was overwhelmed the first hour, Tod said I didn't look too good, I was flushed and at that stage of being unsure I could do this but I knew I would hate myself if I wimped out so somehow I focused on being in the moment and paying attention to things and ignoring that stupid voice that asks what if I panic and freak out.

When we landed on Newbury Street I was almost completely overwhelmed by the masses. I've been to Manhattan during Christmastime and this seemed worse. All the sidewalks were clogged with bodies. Boston had a lot of young 'in love looking' couples. Many students. Lots of shopping and cell phone talking about materials items to be had. All the outdoor eateries filled, the shops filled, the streets filled. Amazing. People still do things. People still shop and go out and spend money and buy art! We headed straight for the nearest gallery and although it seemed super stuffy in a snobby way I asked if there were any mixed media art galleries around and to our surprise he printed out the south side art studios map located in old mill buildings and told us that this is the area artists worked and opened up their studios to the public. We decided to go up and down Newbury and then head for the artists studios. It proved to be the highlight of the day. More on that and the trip later.

Steps in front of a gallery on Newbury St.



Karen said...

Wow!! You sure did it! Boston is an amazing city so glad you went! Fantastic phtos you took too. Your rockin' Paula!!!

Jean Baardsen said...

Great photos! Kinds of things I like to take pictures of too. I'm happy that the trip was such a successful one for you. Tod sounds like a good support system!

Kim Hambric said...

So glad to hear about your trip. I needed an urban fix and your post took care of that -- at least for a while. Looking forward to hearing more about the artist studios.

I understand that the city can be a struggle with the streets clogged with people and signs and traffic. I love it, but only for so long. Subways on the other hand . . . I do think three would be my limit in a short period of time. I've got that gripping feeling of claustrophobia just thinking about it.

Will you be doing something with that B.W.W. photo. Love those colors.

self taught artist said...

more to come...you guys please excuse me if i dont visit and comment on blogs, i have alot going on right now, will blog soon about it!
and yeah, i love that boston water works photo kim, its a keeper :)