US Mail, 2009

I finished another clock a few days ago, and am loving the simple fresh fun-ness of it. I love that this magnet fell off of the mail delivery vehicle right in front of my mailbox a few months ago. It hadn't occurred to me to cut it into two pieces and put it on a rr clock and its perfect as the magnets are still strong enough to attach to the steel plate so I dont have to bother with adhesives. The bottom sticker came off of a box I had long ago picked up for free for future art mailing, it (the sticker) is securely attached on back.


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Wow--Paula--this is powerful! I love the colors and the freshness of it all! What a brilliant idea--would enliven and give integrity to any space!

sarala said...

I'll bet someone snaps this one up.

self taught artist said...

thanks dawn, good to get feedback!
sarala...oh if you were only right!

San said...

So playful--love it!