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52 Tile, Mixed Media 2009

52 Tile, 2009
Mixed Media on board

Finally finished this piece tonight, now I can go on my trip to MA tomorrow and know I'm leaving a studio without unfinished business beckoning. Hoping when I get back in a week or so to take it to the gallery in stowe as they will have another opening early Sept and will want new work. Someone on facebook suggested I do a series of these and I can see myself doing that if I can somehow find enough old tiles that still have grout and backing on them. It is the BACK of the tile that is the most interesting and beautiful. This was a rather pain staking undertaking, having to find pieces of the grout and fit them just so, some were thick, old, was like putting together a puzzle. I love this piece, it feels very powerful in person. So much so that I took it down from the wall and put it back on the table in the studio, I don't know why I do that with pieces that scare me, meaning, they feel too powerful to be on the wall just yet …


US Mail, 2009

I finished another clock a few days ago, and am loving the simple fresh fun-ness of it. I love that this magnet fell off of the mail delivery vehicle right in front of my mailbox a few months ago. It hadn't occurred to me to cut it into two pieces and put it on a rr clock and its perfect as the magnets are still strong enough to attach to the steel plate so I dont have to bother with adhesives. The bottom sticker came off of a box I had long ago picked up for free for future art mailing, it (the sticker) is securely attached on back.

dumpster gods and some cluelessness

The dumpster gods were good to me. I have wanted some horses for a few years now but am always repelled at the prices of them both in stores and on craigslist. Last night's foray into a nearby construction dumpster provided me with a surprise! The legs were folded up so at first I had no idea what they were. It was just after dusk and hard to even see, but I saw one metal thing and pulled it out ~ fiddled with the legs which fold into the body and was off to search for its mate! So now I have two horses :) It was a delightful find and I had tod with me so I didn't have to lug them home by myself on the trail home.

Artwise I'm still working but have slowed down as the house owners are here and I get a little frozen sometimes. Going for lots of walks and planning my MA getaway either this week or next. Was looking into holyoke, ma as I'm seeing more mill studios for rent at a ridiculous price; after checking out the city on wikipedia I see its the poorest most cri…

orange is the new black...

Exoplanet II #2/5
Mixed Media, 2009Total Size 17.5x18(in)

...or something like that. Here we have a nice, smallish piece of metal flashing that I cut and ground to a smooth edge, I then bent it to form a box so the piece isn't flat against the wall. (you know how much i hate flat right?) I also float mounted the photograph onto 1/4" wood. And for newcomers who aren't familiar, I have my photographs professionally laminated onto a beveled MDF board so there is no need for glass and the piece can 'breath'.

I wanted to make a small, simpler work that is also less expensive than my usual mixed media pieces. This photograph is a limited ed. print of five. The piece is lightweight and super cool industrial. I happen to have a long orange/blue piece of auto metal tod found that matches it perfectly, which leads me to suggest anyone purchasing this might like to have another orange piece of art on a floor stand below or near this, it's rather striking that way…

just stuff

You probably can't see how cool this is, shot this in the garage so you could see it better. Found this last night by the side of the road, actually I've had my eye on it for weeks, a nearby place is doing a lot of tree planting and these things are what the roots were housed in. I'm thinking one day I'm going to make a wonderful hanging light fixture out of it, and until then I'm just going to enjoy it. There are more of them but I don't feel like dragging another one home, and not 100% sure they wont be returned/reused to wherever they came from, so yes, I kind of 'lifted' this. Don't arrest me....

I feel like I have a hundred things going on and I'm all over the place. making. Not so much twitter happenings. I could take it or leave it. It's a lonely place twitter, FB is proving to be what I had hoped twitter would be. I feel a real kinship with the artists there and feel like I found the community I lack her…


wanna know where everyone is? ....uh, facebook.
thats right. now i know why some bloggers haven't blogged much lately. now i know where people are hanging out. i'm shocked, and in a good way. people who rarely if ever comment? they are on facebook and let me tell you, they are FRIENDLY there.
i have found a whole new source of support and energy.
aside from feeling like a dolt because facebook is a bit complicated if you want to actually create more than just a page, its a place where artists seem to hang out. they are there....working and doing and living but manage to keep just one eyeball on facebook and instant responses are had. feedback, help, comments, showing off of new work....motivating and inspiring.
it's where its at and i'm just glad i made the leap!

ps if anyone is curious, i just sold a clock on etsy! first 'stranger' (you guys aren't strangers). VERY exciting. i feel like i cracked the etsy code, a fine lined fissure, but a crack none-…

face it

Facebook is here to stay. And I jumped in with both feet yesterday. And I will tell you, it's changed! I love it even if I still have tons of questions (their help center sucks and now I have to go googling how to this and that).

I get why people like it. For one, there are things to do and it feels interactive and connected and fun. I like having things to do. Twitter doesn't really supply that fix, I compare twitter use as watching a ticker tape go by on the tv screen whereas facebook lets you post things and click things and you get to play. People who normally never comment on my blog are suddenly writing quick things on facebook to me. People who seem to have stopped blogging? ....they are there. On facebook having a blast.

I remember when I started my website, it felt like the hub of life. Then after 2 years I realized I was in an empty room nary hearing echos of pages slamming. Was someone there? Is anyone now? So blogs. Next best thing. More real time at …

The Wonder Horse can be yours .....

I've just listed 'The Wonder Horse' photo on Etsy. This is a limited edition print of 20. So far I have used this size in one mixed media piece. I have also used this image in larger prints of smaller editions. I decided to sell one or two of these as stand alone, laminated prints so this is your chance to get one! For those of you not familiar with the laminated prints, these are Luster C-Prints which are then laminated onto a beveled 1/4" MDF (medium density fiberboard). This process allows the piece to hang on the wall as is, no bother with frames and glass. I have mounted half inch pieces of wood on the back so the photograph 'floats' from the wall.

On another note, I joined Facebook. I'm doing this sort of like I'm doing Twitter....meaning I will go to it occasionally throughout the day but not get carried away with goofy obsessive what am I doing crap. I like using it to promote friends recent work or news as well as my own and perhaps the…


I thought the opening was last night, and lucky for me I didn't go as I was just too tired. So I have another chance even though I hate going alone as Tod is working. Well see, I could slip in there today and look around. I know I should socialize even though I only have two pieces in this show.

Giovanna has been a staple in the gallery for the last few years now. Her works are usually very bright and full of energy with her 'cell like' structures that have, in the past correlated with her own life happenings and health issues. This latest body of work appears much darker, they are inspired by her visit to the Amazon.

I'm not familiar with Sumru's work but I do like the Asian quality that plays into her work as well. It should be a thoughtful show and filled with plenty of other artists both new and old. Wish you guys lived here and I could go with someone!!! I do like going to these openings as I get inspired to go work on art, this gallery is just gorgeous an…

sunshine and hope

before on left, after on right

Someone actually responded to my craigslist post to de-weed their garden so this week I worked like a mad woman to get this done asap. She didn't want to spend much time or money on it but $15 an hour was my fee so I got to stop before it got completely done, guess she will do the rest this weekend before her guests come. Fine by me, my fingers are raw, my back is as tender as baked chicken. Hard work but good for the brain, good for the bank account. Nearly paid for the car work I had done this week and gave me a break from all the thoughts and things I've got going on.

Now I can get back to looking into MA more. I've done some online looking at more art studio rentals, art shows, art towns etc. Looked at jobs and gigs and art community on craigslist and am getting more of a feeling for what life could be like there. I think I could make it just doing odd little jobs for people as long as I still sold art with some regularity. It could…

to do or not to do

If there is one thing I know, I know that living life as a full time artist is unpredictable and not anything as set in stone as how most people live. My recent trip to MA was eye opening and I'm left with many questions, and few answers. Take the top 2 photos (hey look tod slipped into one!), these are old mill buildings that are in the south end of Boston, the bottom two photos are the mill building in Lowell MA. They house many artists studios and galleries. Tod and I met a guy in there that doesn't even live in Boston but said he makes enough selling his work here that he commutes. He doesn't even use it as a work studio, he does that in his home an hour away. That had a few light bulbs going on off in Tod's head which then translated into a dimmer bulb going off in my own head....maybe you don't have to live where you work?

We tucked that info away. I had been toying with mill building artists studios for a few months now, making a half hearted effort aw…

back from reality

Well I'm back and I have to say I couldn't have asked for a better get away. What started out as a quick 2 or 3 day trip to visit Tod's mom in Sudbury MA turned into an unexpected 5 days of a great trip. Those of you who know me know I have panic issues and the one thing I've not been able to force myself to do is go to Boston. I live 3 hours from there and I've been too afraid to go because I hear how awful the traffic is and there is no way in hell I'm taking the T there from a nearby town. I remember when Ally McBeal was a popular show I would watch it and fantasize about walking on those streets and being in what looked to be a happening city. I've lived on the east coast now for almost five years and now that I'm an artist, I know I have to get there. As you can see from the dusk photo, I WENT. I SAW. I ROAMED THE STREETS AND TOOK THE SUBWAY AND LIVED THROUGH IT ALL!

I found myself drawn to the obvious.

I saw my first ever 'famous' pe…