what day is it?

In case anyone is wondering how paula's etsy/twitter ventures are going and what I'm learning or experiencing, here you go:

I will go into detail on my other blog later today about the etsy thing as I know that isn't all that appealing to non-etsy people. I will say that I had my first 'bite' yesterday. Meaning, someone did contact me about a clock but they wanted a discount and I haven't heard back from them after my offer. I don't mind giving a discount when I'm selling it directly and not having to fork over half to a gallery, but on a $225 clock that will cost me $20 to ship across the country as well as the welder and clock costs, I can't offer much. It was wonderful to hear though that they thought my clocks were worth much more than I was charging and they actually 'got it' about them.

I have also met a handful of etsy sellers and bloggers (seemingly everyday I meet someone and have some sort of meaningful conversation/connection) who also like my work. Whew! Hurdle #1 is over as I really didn't think my clocks would be accepted there.

Twitter has proven to be less annoying than on my first go around. In fact I have only been annoyed at a few tweeters who feel the need to tweet seemingly every hour. The remedy for that is to just stop following them and you don't have to see it anymore. I've also had new artists follow me and I in turn can go check them out, their blogs and websites. I am loving that artists are finding me there and I don't even have to do anything! I think it is because I submitted my twitter url to a url site for twitter people.

I haven't had any real connections through that and honestly I haven't had much desire to post many tweets. Mostly I just do @'s. That way it is aimed at whoever tweeted something and I'm not tormenting everyone else. Before all this online stuff I was spending most of my time looking at interesting things on line and I assumed I would be posting that and sharing it, instead I'm busy interacting with real people and not surfing at all. Maybe I'm not cut out to be a big tweeter and it will be used to put the word out about friends or whatever I have going on.

Over all it feels like I am on the edge of something. It's alot to keep up with and it isn't really anything. I guess I'm learning to handle more and juggle more. I'm learning it is a much kinder accepting place out there and people are generally eager to share. I've definitely gained more exposure the last two weeks than I have in the last two years online. I'm not kidding! Having your work on the front page of etsy twice in as many weeks does get you noticed even if its only up there an hour.

I call this stuff 'marketing' because to me it is for now, the only way I know how to get me out there. I don't resent it anymore because I am having feedback and interaction whereas when I would send postcards or packets to places or inquire online to real galleries there was NOTHING. That doesn't feed anyone's soul. So yeah, maybe this isn't going to land me out of state gallery representation, and maybe I'm not going to be raking in the dough anytime soon, but for now it is profitable in that I'm motivated, working more on art and not feeling utter defeat about whether people like what I'm doing. I'm planting my seeds if you will and all I can do is water them, tend to them and keep the weeds out.


Kim Hambric said...

Go Paula! You said your method of marketing (connecting) feeds your soul (or that's my interpretation). Without food, we eventually die. Our souls (artistic or not) needs to be fed. Regularly. You've found a great diet. Thanks for sharing that with us.

Jean Baardsen said...

Sound great! It's hard to believe that people will like and accept your art, until you actually hear it from them. Your clocks are beautiful and unique. I do feel that in time you will have a market for them.

self taught artist said...

no pun intedned right jean? 'in time' ? :)
yeah, kim...food for the soul is interactions with others and nature and art! glad people like you are out there to share it with that is also the best part, helping and teaching others.

sarala said...

That is great. I'm holding out on twitter. I just don't see me tweeting. But then I don't have art to market either. Although today I had a fantasy about throwing over my career in favor of becoming a starving artist! I wonder what my husband would say. I think I'm glad I'm not going to find out.

Ellen said...

You sound so enthused! It's inspiring. Your clocks do look amazing on Etsy. I'm sure more buyers will come around, they just have to know you're out there. Go Paula!

self taught artist said...

you should do it shara just to see :)
thanks ellen, i know, ME can you believe it?

Karen said...

being open to explore new methods of getting your work out there is a BIG DEAL to me! Nice to see twitter is giving you some good feedback. 'Time' will tell....;}

deb said...

don't pull up all the weeds! No seriously, is this you? So outgoing and downright chatty!! Must be you are greening with the world outside. I'm so happy for you!!! And so glad you are here!Still don't get the twitter thing,my daughter tried to explain it, but I guess I'll just stick to blogging for now...and maybe etsy, for my books, well thinking about it anyway!

self taught artist said...

yeah its me...but you know how it is...new always makes you feel alive. contact etc. today was a slower day and no sooner than i write about all this and i'm 'invisible' out there today. but i'm making lots of art progress i think.
i think you would be a perfect candidate for twitter, you seem to have more going on than i do, more to share etc.

p said...

Kudos to you for all your hard work and success. I mean no disrespect or offense for what follows, it just struck me as quite odd:

The person interested in your etsy clocks thought they were worth more than you were charging but they wanted a discount? While there is nothing wrong about a potential buying asking for a discount, having made the other statement kind of defeats their purpose, doesn't it?

self taught artist said...

thanks p, i know some people might smirk and go ETSY...are you even a serious artist anymore? I look at this as elementary school. (notice i have to keep defending myself as i'm still insecure)

anyhow, i dont take offense and it is a little odd how they posed their request. I react to things days later and i found all sorts of things buggery about this. I think they might have been using their disability as a way to make me feel sorry? I dunno...if they knew I had panic attacks and a screwed up body and had no money i wonder if they would ask. and you are right, the purpose was defeated. i never even heard back from them, one would think they could have at least bowed out with a sorry, thankyou.
see, etsy is good for me it is teaching me how to deal with people even if I still dont do it right.

Angela Recada said...

You keep watering those seeds, Paula! And don't worry about a few weeds - they can surprise you with their potential.

Thanks again for ALL your input and help this week. You are wonderful!!!!

self taught artist said...

thanks angela, and thanks for your enthusiast comments :)