steel grass

The first few minutes of this don't really interest me, honestly all I can think is if we all had metal instead of grass wouldn't that heat up the world ever more? What I love about this, is how she has this amazing stock pile of supplies and found a way to have others help her on her installation. I'm envious of course and full of admiration.

Harriete Estel Berman's website.


Ellen said...

Thanks for showing this. I really like this artist. After looking at her website her grass installation wasn't as interesting as some of her other stuff, but I like her intent. I have such a beef with the whole grass thing, it's unbelievably wasteful to maintain a nice lawn and that's her point, the attitude of conformity and brainwashing (and consumption) that goes into believing we MUST manicure our environment this way.

I'm stopping myself from full out ranting now, but yeah, I agree, she's got a great set up, she teaches at colleges, I'm sure her helpers are mostly her students.

self taught artist said...

wow someone other than me and tod actually watched this :)
i agree with you too ellen...i watched a tv doc on lawns and was a little horrified how in las vegas they are paying people per sq foot to get rid of their grass and over the ground with fake carpet like stuff...isn't that going to suffocate the earth? it never ends this looking good (or what people THINK looks good)