the steel grass and even more

I was remiss in linking to the entire installation from the post below. Go to this link and see some more amazing work from trash. Very inspiring!

"Withdrawn from Circulation" by Wendy Kawabata is comprised of books recovered from Honolulu Public Libraries. via Treehugger.

There is a 'tea quilt' by Ruth Tabancay that blows my mind. The slideshow is all wonderful but these stand out as my favorites.


Jean Baardsen said...

Thanks for sharing this! I think my favorites were the reused books, and the praying mantis. The teabag quilt was lovely, but all I could think of was "wet" which it probably wasn't at all!

self taught artist said...

yes, weren't those books beautiful? i kind of liked the bubble wrap outfit, although I think you would suffocate in it after awhile. that quilt is fascinating...looks dirty and homeless but conceptually it's brilliant!

Urban LifeStyle Decor said...

The urban industrial feel of the steel grass, rocks! Great blog + love the puzzle/mystery vibe. Thanks for the note regarding chista on my blog {fixed it}. ~susan

self taught artist said...

ur welcome, thanks for stopping by!