sneak peak, a little prattle

I rarely show anyone what I'm working on, but I decided to post a sneak peak at something I'm doing just in case anyone wonders what does paula do all day?

This could be a failure, its not uncommon for whatever I create to turn into something completely different, and that includes a disaster. I've learned the most when things have collapsed or turned into ugly ruins. Honestly, I don't mind nearly as much as I used to because I know it is in the doing more than the final product. Sure I want this to be fantastic and even sellable or gallery showable, but I will be thrilled if it just turns out and I like it enough to have it for myself. This has proven to be a tedious and repetitive undertaking, lots of sanding, cutting, cleaning and varnishing with an hour or so per layer to dry before I can do the next. It gives me time to scoot off to another project...to tweet, to make etsy treasuries....dare I say I am in SIX treasuries today that other people created? Feels like things are slowly changing, moving, turning around. My learning curve and concentration level is improving and now that I've decided to just try like my life depends on it, I've left the where to move and how will I make it worries behind. One step at a time even if some days you can't find your shoes.


Jean Baardsen said...

I was in one treasury today. Always feels good! Six is absolutely amazing! I was thinking of you yesterday when I was reading a couple magazines. The cover story on this weeks Time Magazine is about Twitter and all the different ways it's being used, like marketing. I was also reading the latest issue of The Artist's Magazine, and there's an article called "Build Your Brand With Social Networking." Sounds like what you're trying to accomplish. Good article!

Karen said...

OMG! Treasury,Twitter and New work!!! Paula, do you sleep? Looks very interesting. Wonder what it will be!

self taught artist said...

does sound like a good article. i've been thinking alot about twitter..i haven't tweeted all that much, i still recoil thinking who really cares...but i'm lucking out and somehow a few artists have found me and i'm enjoying their tweets and there are some good links to interesting design and architecture which is what i'm interested in. i still roll my eyes when i have to read tweets i 'follow' and they say they are doing this and that, WHO CARES....but its worth it when you get good info and you never know, your link could get RT'd (retweeted) and people will find you. i know someone sold work on etsy because of a twitter tweet.
any how...congrats on your treasury..the more you make they more they put you in too. i need to find you on etsy..

self taught artist said...

karen, one guess. its functional. no. i dont sleep. i'm pari- menopausal. :(

Jean Baardsen said...

I have two Etsy shops. Cool! - I just went to one to get the URL and found your comment! I don't sell much anymore, since the economy tanked, but I expect it will pick up again. Did you see my Paper Press shop, too, where I have all my notecards? The cards and ACEOs are an inexpensive way to buy art, which is why I think I've done well. For instance, on every notecard description, I point out that the image is 4x6 on a 5x7 card, and people can frame it instead of mailing it to someone else.
About the social networking - have you considered Facebook? I've probably only been in about a month, but am surprised at how useful it's turned out to be. I'm picking up lots of "friends" as they're called. Cousins, and other people I haven't seen in years, people I worked with at the community college, etc. I'm finding this helpful for several reasons. I put photo albums in Facebook that show off all my quilts and other art. When I do something on my blog, using Photoshop, I put it in Facebook too. I wasn't getting much traffic at my blog, so now each time I post on my blog, I also mention it in Facebook, and can put a link to the blog that includes the first picture in the post. Because my Facebook posts show up on all my "friends" sites, they can click on the link and see the blog. I'm collecting statistics on my blog too. Have you heard of IceRocket? It tracks blogs and it's free. The Quilted Librarian had discussed it in her blog. Anyway, people who, though they knew me, never took the time to go to my website or Etsy stores, are being exposed to what I'm doing through Facebook. Hope to see you there sometime, if you can stand one more thing!!!!!
P.S. I like the looks of your current project!

self taught artist said...

jean, did you hear that?!? my head just EXPLODED.
facebook...i'm not up for it, frankly i dont want anyone digging me up from my past. no relative no friends, leave me alone if you aren't in my life now there is a reason and visa verse. i will check out icerocket and if i get it and like it i will tweet about it and link to you :)

Kim Hambric said...

Congrats on being in all of those treasuries. People obviously love your work. One day they will buy.

Thanks for the sneak peak. I love a mystery.

So far, I'm enjoying Facebook. There are a few people out there that drive me crazy sending hearts, plants, hugs & shtuff back and forth. Will see if it helps with marketing . I have found some fiber arts groups that I did not know existed. Yeah, I might be short on friends though. Oh well.

And soon, another social media venue will rear its ugly head and will demand all of our time and attention.

San said...

Wow, that looks like a vessel for conjuring according to a magical formula. With bare feet.

self taught artist said...

i had to read that 4 times to get it san :) your brain is always miles ahead of mine and it keeps me AWAKE