'Future Time' makes front page!

My clock (3rd center) was included in a treasury that was put on etsy's front page. That is mind blowingly cool. Yeah it was in the middle of the night here but it was exposure (i noticed I have more viewers, more people hearting my shop and individual clocks since then, so people took the time to look at my shop all from this exposure) You can see the real treasury here. [it expires thur so link wont work after that] Astashtoys is the person who put the treasury together, and here is the flickr link (thank you again vilte for cluing me in to all of this info and links)

I know when people share their little tiny moments of internet publicity it doesn't impress anyone, I know it isn't even a nano second of those 15 min. of fame but why I even bother sharing it is in case there are other hard headed skeptical artists who think etsy is a waste of time. Or any online attempt at getting your work noticed. Yeah I still need sales from strangers but I keep reminding myself it is all about exposure. And right now I'm hoping that this is laying the foundation for future steps that lead up to that. I know sales are down on etsy but I am actually starting to see some results to the hours of pouring over the site and working in any way I can to get my work out there.

I never forget that when roadside scholar wrote a huge blog post on me and my work, from that a few other sites picked up my work and I made a sale or two from complete strangers. I still have people visit my blog on a near daily basis from her site. That is impressive (thanks gigi!). There have been others too, Lisa Call, Nellie's Needles, Creative Laundry, The Minimalist, Vilte. (all on my sidebar) that have written about art they bought from me, my website or my blog. It all helps and I get it that without helping each other promote our work and who we are it is much harder to make a dent. I remember awhile back writing a blog post regarding the info I came across saying unless you are willing to spend 75% of your time marketing yourself and only 25% making art, you probably wouldn't make it. That exhausted me, pissed me off and made me feel like I would fail miserably. Then the universe dropped Vilte into my life and I don't feel so lost, inept and alone out there. [I highly recommend having a friend online to spur you on, makes it more fun and you learn twice as much when you both zing links and info to each other] For whatever reason this person is sharing and showing me the way and it feels akin to a life line being thrown out to me. We all need help and guidance sometimes, some more than others. All I know is, I'm not hating the idea of marketing myself as much, it still feels like the internet is the way to go (as opposed to all the driving and running around to out of state galleries) and it's the fastest, cheapest way to get started. Whatever works right? Just another life lesson that the things or person we react most strongly to are probably the very thing that will teach us the most if we stop reacting to it. Etsy has been my Achilles Heel, regardless of how much or how little success I have on that site, the point is, it was the enzyme that finally woke up my marketing side. It's my marketing 101 if you will. So yeah, front page at 2am? I'll take it.


sarala said...

Good for you! Front page recognition is way cool. I hope you get a sale or two from it. I'm glad you feel you are getting the hang of the marketing thing better.

Mikel O'Brien said...

Great comment about Etsy. New to sharing my art with others and looking for outlets to do so (and sell something!), I considered Etsy, but many have "poo-pooed" it and I was having my doubts. After reading your post, I think I'll give it a try!

And, congrats on your "moment of fame," regardless of how long it is! Great clock! :)

self taught artist said...

thanks shara, me too!
mikel, i dont know much but if you need help email me. go to my new etsy blog for links on sites to help you and when you get a store let me know :)

deb said...

congratulations I wish I had your sense, I just want to crawl under a rock this week.. and your work absolutely deserves that recognition, you go girl!!!

Nellie's Needles said...

Woo Hoo!

Just think how many more people are exposed to your creations online than those who wander through the few galleries that carry it. Cyberspace promotion seems made for you since face to face is stressful. You get to determine the time and how much of it to spend on promotion.

Woo Hoo!

Kim Hambric said...

I just noticed the white bowl in the upper left corner. This morning I was renewing a piece on Etsy. On the front page scrolling by quickly, was another piece by this artist. I managed to click on the photo before it scrolled away. I have been to this woman's blog and gushed about her work. I'm sorry to say that I did not explore this treasury. Shame on me! I'm getting more into Etsy so will be checking these things out more. But it seems like a small world that you found this artist and so did I.

Kim Hambric said...

Whoops! Duh. Someone else made that treasury. Well then, isn't it interesting that at least two amazing artists caught the eye of the maker of this treasury.