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ceramic art

Swimming in Big Creek
serving tray by Lee Wolfe

I got emailed today that Lee posted my RR Clock on her blog as part of her 'is dad an eco-freak?' post. It's always such a surprise when someone out of the blue posts about you! I wanted to share a picture of one of her pieces, I have always loved ceramics, even before I started making art I was drawn to the earthiness and chunkiness of pottery. Lee has a variety of pieces on her etsy site, votives, bowls, trays, goblets and mugs..all different sizes, shapes, and colors. I especially like this tray, it is its own piece of wall art!


WolfeWoman said…
Thank you so much for the feature! I love browsing through Etsy, and loved your clocks the minute I found them. I especially love connecting with other artists who are part of a larger movement to become a sustainable society. it gives me hope that we can change our course.
Jean Baardsen said…
This is beautiful! Glad you posted it.
San said…
"Swimming in Big Creek." What a beautiful title for a fanciful ceramic. You could serve many intangibles on that very tangible tray. Joy, for one.
Kim Hambric said…
Beautiful piece. It reminds me of fabric -- I love that. I'm off to check out more of her work.

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