back in the saddle

Yesterday I think I fell off 200 times. Today I woke up sore, tired and achy. I don't even need a real horse to fall off of. Getting back in the saddle sometimes feels like a dreaded thing to do, especially when you know you aren't the best rider and you know you will fall off again. But one does travel farther in the saddle. okay enough saddle talk. My point is, today I made another etsy treasury and decided to remain positive about art and life and humanity. I felt good about it, not like I'm avoiding something or wasting my time. Yeah I have my new etsy blog to showcase and talk about that but I think it might be interesting to a few people to know why I like this treasury thing. Why? How can someone like me who was revolted by etsy just last year, be making treasuries and leaving comments that usually have me making lots of exclamation marks and smiley faces? Am I a hypocrite? No. I'm a clueless hard headed judgemental idiot.

For one, I met vilte through etsy. I do one treasury and next thing I know I have a new best friend in Lithuania. Next thing I know I have another creative person [Vilte] who is showing me by example and sharing by email things/places/ways to get the word out. Not only that, Hand Made News just wrote an article on her work and you know what she did? In an article about HER and HER work, she even spoke about ME and MY work. who does that? An incredible person in my book. You can read the article here. Go Vilte!!!!! and thank you!!!!

These etsy treasuries have also opened me up a little. I've always thought there was just so much crap on that site to wade through. Then I found myself enjoying the challenge of finding things that looked good in those treasury squares. It is like making art, moving them around and finding just the right color and shape of a thing. And it feels damn good to showcase work by people and help put it out there. I realized I dont have to love/want/own whatever I'm listing in a treasury, I can enjoy that 'it' looks nice as part of a theme, part of a whole. I just made one today called 'swimming in paint' and just allowed myself to enjoy something fun and light and not get caught up in whether i even care for paintings. It feels like I'm learning something about myself for as strange as that may seem to you.

There are also some kick ass designers on etsy. The treasury I made on fashion was stellar and some of these women are REAL designers living in New York or Milan....yeah they probably dont do treasuries or even sell much on etsy but I get now that it is a way to at least have exposure. Even if 98% of the etsy eyeballs don't get my art or the high end art on there, just exposing yourself to 2% more people than would otherwise see you is good. Which leads me to twitter...good god. Another article on the Hand Made site also caught my eye, its about twitter and it finally sunk into my head. That and conversations with Vilte about how all this stuff works (meaning you could sell something on etsy because someone posted a link on twitter and i've been too much of a TWIT to get that). You can hear something a million times and it wont sink in. Then by chance you meet someone who knows how to get through to you. Vilte and Tod are those kinds of people. They are patient and seem to have a knack for getting me to understand something that I otherwise hadn't been able to.

I know plenty of people who think blogging and the internet is all a waste of time. I know it isn't. My blog readers [that I know from their many comments and emails] are also really important to me. You may not know it, but you guys are all I have. You are my connection to the world. I've sold art to you, poured my guts out, laughed, let you spew back your own stuff, learned from and hopefully taught to a little as well. It's not an easy road this artists thing. I never had any idea about it when I was a regular civilian. It is imperative to have people holding even a flicker of a candle to help you see the light and not give up hope. None of my friends in the real world really get it and I can't expect them to. Unless you are an artist or really know someone who is an artist you cannot possibly understand the endless deluge of hurdles to push away or jump over. So today is just a thanks and off I go to continue bushwhacking that solitary path that occasionally meets up with other solitary souls doing their own journey.


Angela Recada said...

I love it!
My daughter has met some people from Lithuania over the internet, too, and she has found that they are some of the nicest people she's ever met. Genuine, down-to-earth, good people.

I'm so glad you and Vilte found each other. The internet and blogging can be a great thing. I'm glad you're finding ways to make it work for you!
(You know I'm kidding with all the smiley faces and exclamation marks, right?)

Kim Hambric said...

I did check into your new blog and tried to leave a comment. Didn't seem to work for me. Good Lord, I'll never figure this stuff out. So, go ahead and twit away and let me know how it's done.

Looks like social media is your oyster, just waiting to be opened to expose the huge, glistening pearl inside.

self taught artist said...

you got me with all those symbols angela....kim, now i will obsess that people can't leave comments for some reason. thanks for visiting the new strange blog.
and i'm so far behind everyone it appears there is an oyster, but i think i'm picking through them, many have been shucked. i haven't signed on to twitter YET. just in my head.