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a sign

I don't mind telling you that I played that game called 'gimme a sign' last week and today I got my sign. For those of you unaware of being quasi superstitious, slightly prone to magical thinking, and constantly bordering on desperation, gimmi a sign is when you look up to the godless sky and say to what you think is perhaps your own perfect self floating peacefully up in the cosmos living life without all the mortal crap you the human self endures, you yell GIMMI A SIGN because you feel stuck and ready to throw in the towel.

Gimmi a sign is a last resort. It's childish and used only sparingly. I use it when completely at my wits end. Last week, that new piece (posted 2 posts below) I finished? I was rushing around taking photos of it and banged the shit out of it and broke off the cold weld. All my hard work down the drain. I was glad it happened in my hands and not a buyers, and chances are it would have never broken unless another moron was banging it against …

I sat in a $59,000 chair

Yesterday I had to go to the gallery and noticed that Johnny Swing's work was there. If you haven't seen his work go take a look. It's beautiful and nearly unbelievable that anyone could put together something so seamlessly, especially out of jars and coins. They had two of his jar chairs and the above coin chair. Google him under images and feast upon an astonishing array of functional art made from coins. Both chairs were comfortable, slick, cool and made me feel like a caveman in regards to my own work.

Of course I had to compare myself. I think about that woodstack table I finished last week, and how I emailed a photo of it to the gallery AS IF. It's hard not to beat myself up, I love my table I made but I know it will never show in that gallery. Guess I should be glad they even take my wall art pieces. I don't know where my furniture belongs. I kind of hate to think it would go into some crafty furniture shop. I feel compelled to keep making table…

In the Damascus Market, Mixed Media 2009

In the Damascus Market, 2009
Mixed Media Original
Print 12x16(in)
22(in) diameter


Tod sent me the link for this art collector doc. and I cannot wait for the day I get to see this. I have seen tidbits of these two in a Richard Tuttle doc. They fascinated me. They were collecting Richard Tuttle's work before anyone in america had a clue. Just knowing people like this exist gives me hope for us artists. This is screening this weekend for the lucky few who live in big art cities!

Railroad Nut Candle Holders

I have finished this little series of nut holders. Click photos to go to my website with details and more photos. I might make one more set (of six) later; other than that I'm done, out of nuts and no desire for tedious repetitious work. Time to work on something else!

the steel grass and even more

I was remiss in linking to the entire installation from the post below. Go to this link and see some more amazing work from trash. Very inspiring!

"Withdrawn from Circulation" by Wendy Kawabata is comprised of books recovered from Honolulu Public Libraries. via Treehugger.

There is a 'tea quilt' by Ruth Tabancay that blows my mind. The slideshow is all wonderful but these stand out as my favorites.

steel grass

The first few minutes of this don't really interest me, honestly all I can think is if we all had metal instead of grass wouldn't that heat up the world ever more? What I love about this, is how she has this amazing stock pile of supplies and found a way to have others help her on her installation. I'm envious of course and full of admiration.

Harriete Estel Berman's website.

more table and explaining

As promised more photos. You can see this on my website and get even more/larger images there. I appreciate the comments on the earlier post. I think I failed to communicate correctly what it is that got to me about having made new art and then the 'letdown' I feel. It has more to do with not being able to feel like I can share it other than slapping a photo up here. I'm not looking for everyone to say good job little artist. I just want it OUT THERE. As far as me expecting too much too soon.....perhaps I haven't recovered from the economy. All I know is, I was just starting to come close to making enough to live on and then it all disappeared. I haven't made one dime 3 months. So far this year I have sold maybe 3 pieces of art. I can't expect anyone to feel sorry for me when it seems everyone is struggling, and I can't expect people to remember or know that this is my life right now and I'm too fucked up to work some other 'job' rig…


thanks for your thoughts, comments on which way to do this and TO even do it.


Woodstack, 2009
reclaimed wood, cut,
stacked & topped with a foundry form.


Here is a sneak preview of a prototype I just finished. Obviously it is a candle holder made from RR Nuts and a washer. I'm going to make all difference heights and some with or without the washers. It has only taken me 2 days to grind off the rust and prepare the surfaces so I can cold weld them together. I have a bucketful of these, I'll try not to think about all the ones I've given away as I thought I would never use them. I like that they are small and functional. Guess where I'm going to sell them?

what day is it?

In case anyone is wondering how paula's etsy/twitter ventures are going and what I'm learning or experiencing, here you go:

I will go into detail on my other blog later today about the etsy thing as I know that isn't all that appealing to non-etsy people. I will say that I had my first 'bite' yesterday. Meaning, someone did contact me about a clock but they wanted a discount and I haven't heard back from them after my offer. I don't mind giving a discount when I'm selling it directly and not having to fork over half to a gallery, but on a $225 clock that will cost me $20 to ship across the country as well as the welder and clock costs, I can't offer much. It was wonderful to hear though that they thought my clocks were worth much more than I was charging and they actually 'got it' about them.

I have also met a handful of etsy sellers and bloggers (seemingly everyday I meet someone and have some sort of meaningful conversation/connection) w…

ceramic art

Swimming in Big Creek
serving tray by Lee Wolfe

I got emailed today that Lee posted my RR Clock on her blog as part of her 'is dad an eco-freak?' post. It's always such a surprise when someone out of the blue posts about you! I wanted to share a picture of one of her pieces, I have always loved ceramics, even before I started making art I was drawn to the earthiness and chunkiness of pottery. Lee has a variety of pieces on her etsy site, votives, bowls, trays, goblets and mugs..all different sizes, shapes, and colors. I especially like this tray, it is its own piece of wall art!

sneak peak, a little prattle

I rarely show anyone what I'm working on, but I decided to post a sneak peak at something I'm doing just in case anyone wonders what does paula do all day?

This could be a failure, its not uncommon for whatever I create to turn into something completely different, and that includes a disaster. I've learned the most when things have collapsed or turned into ugly ruins. Honestly, I don't mind nearly as much as I used to because I know it is in the doing more than the final product. Sure I want this to be fantastic and even sellable or gallery showable, but I will be thrilled if it just turns out and I like it enough to have it for myself. This has proven to be a tedious and repetitive undertaking, lots of sanding, cutting, cleaning and varnishing with an hour or so per layer to dry before I can do the next. It gives me time to scoot off to another tweet, to make etsy treasuries....dare I say I am in SIX treasuries today that other people created? Feels l…

twitter try #2

If at first I don't succeed, I usually try again. Since this is my week to get back in the saddle, meaning off my ass and work at marketing, work at art, work on attitude, work on everything, I decided this time I will twitter once more.

A few months ago I signed up and after what, 2 or 3 days deleted the account. I was too thick headed and dull to even GET the point. I was overwhelmed by the constant barrage of tweets I got when I followed people and had no clue what I was doing. I was also under the impression that twitter was all about the last time you blinked, swallowed or had any sort of physical action occur. Once again, by example, Vilte has somehow made me get the whole thing.

What I get now, that is probably obvious to everyone on the planet but a few of us, (even doyle brunson tweets!!!!) is that this is a truly powerful way to market yourself AND your friends. I had no idea. I know, how many brain cells did I kill in my alcoholic youth right? Seriously.

Okay I wil…

'Future Time' makes front page!

My clock (3rd center) was included in a treasury that was put on etsy's front page. That is mind blowingly cool. Yeah it was in the middle of the night here but it was exposure (i noticed I have more viewers, more people hearting my shop and individual clocks since then, so people took the time to look at my shop all from this exposure) You can see the real treasury here. [it expires thur so link wont work after that] Astashtoys is the person who put the treasury together, and here is the flickr link (thank you again vilte for cluing me in to all of this info and links)

I know when people share their little tiny moments of internet publicity it doesn't impress anyone, I know it isn't even a nano second of those 15 min. of fame but why I even bother sharing it is in case there are other hard headed skeptical artists who think etsy is a waste of time. Or any online attempt at getting your work noticed. Yeah I still need sales from strangers but I keep reminding myself it…

back in the saddle

Yesterday I think I fell off 200 times. Today I woke up sore, tired and achy. I don't even need a real horse to fall off of. Getting back in the saddle sometimes feels like a dreaded thing to do, especially when you know you aren't the best rider and you know you will fall off again. But one does travel farther in the saddle. okay enough saddle talk. My point is, today I made another etsy treasury and decided to remain positive about art and life and humanity. I felt good about it, not like I'm avoiding something or wasting my time. Yeah I have my new etsy blog to showcase and talk about that but I think it might be interesting to a few people to know why I like this treasury thing. Why? How can someone like me who was revolted by etsy just last year, be making treasuries and leaving comments that usually have me making lots of exclamation marks and smiley faces? Am I a hypocrite? No. I'm a clueless hard headed judgemental idiot.

For one, I met vilte throu…