Vilte shawl give away on Ravenhill

Wanted to send people off to a blog that is having a shawl giveaway from felter Vilte. Ravenhill is the blog, and you have four chances to win. I envy whoever wins a shawl! I recently wrote a post about Vilte here, I found her work when I made a treasury in Etsy and since then she has put my clocks in well over a dozen treasuries!

Even if I never sell to a complete stranger on Etsy, just meeting Vilte has made etsy worth it as she has become a friend as well as a beacon of inspiration in so many ways.

I had never even looked at felt work before, let alone had any clue about the process involved. My eyes have been opened and I have a new appreciation for a completely different kind of work. On her blog there are a few links to artist works in felt that blow my mind (the fashioning felt 2 video is amazing).

For as minimalistic as I am, for as shoddily as I dress....I fantasize about one day owning a shawl by Vilte. Her work transforms and lifts me up every time I look at it.


Vilte said...

thank you, Paula, for mentioning me here again :)

self taught artist said...

your welcome my friend, i envy the winner!