stowe police blotter

just reflecting on how nice it is to live in a fairly 'simple' town.
the one about the bat on the recreation path is ridiculous.

Total incidents: 64
Total tickets: 2
Total warnings: 25
From recent reports:

April 20, a Morrisville woman brought in a captured bat that had flown into her house and around her children’s bedroom, police said. The bat was tested, and did not have rabies, police said.

April 20, ---------------- reported a house on Sugar House Road in Stowe had been vandalized. Its windows appeared to have been shot out with a BB gun, police said.

April 20, police were called about a bat that appeared to be injured and was lying in the middle of the Stowe Recreation Path. Police moved the bat to the side of the path and it flew away.

April 20, Blazer Transportation reported it had received a bad check in the amount of $465.

April 20, residents reported a porcupine wandering around Trapp Hill Road. The porcupine did not appear to be rabid, police said.

April 21, loose cows were wandering loose on Tinker Lane in Stowe. They were corralled and brought back to their owner.

April 21, a driver left Maplefields convenience store without paying for $25 worth of gasoline. Police found the driver, who went back and paid, police said.

April 21, -------------, 27, of Waterbury was arrested on a warrant.

April 21, the manager of the Pines Motel reported smelling marijuana coming from one of the motel rooms. Police did not find anything.

April 22, residents reported that children were shooting a bow and arrow on Holmes Lane.

April 23, a former resident left a cat at the Pines Motel. Police took the animal to the North Country Animal League.

April 24, a gold watch was found on Park Street and turned in to police.

April 25, -----------------, of Stowe was charged with driving under the influence.

April 25, -----------------, of Morrisville was charged with driving under the influence.

April 27,------------------- of Morrisville was charged with violating his conditions of release.


Karen said...

I just love police blotters from small towns! My daughter is a police officer in a smallish town and these are very tame in comparisions to what she deals with!Got to love that someone found a gold watch and turned it in!!!!! But geeze, the wild life is way out of control there....LOL

Angela Recada said...

There's a lot to be said for living in relative safety. I complain a lot about where we live, but I'm so glad that the worst we usually have here is drunk drivers and some petty vandalism.

I didn't know you had such unruly bats in Vermont!

My name is none of your beeswax said...

i am liking these hilarious police blotter reports. it actually makes me want to flee the big city right now. :) - gigi

Kim Hambric said...

There's some crazy happenings at the Pines Motel. I guess it's fairly safe to move about at night. One has only to fear possibly rabid animals.

self taught artist said...

yes kim, let us not forget, it was at the pines the whipped cream debacle occurred!

deb said...

love the bat!!!

San said...

Hilarious. A few years ago, in the Santa Fe Police Notes it was reported that perpetrators burglarized a house, stole pancake mix, made pancakes, ate them, and left dirty dishes.