Sandcastle #85/100

Sometimes a clock just has to look simple. I've spent two weeks superimposing different baubles onto the base of this clock and nothing works. Funny how it is the negative words that always echo in my head ~ two years ago a friend put my links onto her myspace page and mentioned my clocks, trying to get the word out. Some guy said, 'yeah she just puts auto junk on something and calls it art, big deal anyone can do that'.

I've never forgotten seeing that comment; those words bellow at me when I think I've finished a piece. But after spending days and days trying to get the clock hands the right color (these are a light cream, not something discernible in the photo), getting the right color of paint to match my 'junk', and spending absurd amounts of time deciding what if any center piece to use, I know that it isnt as easy as just putting a thing on a thing and saying done. By nature I have always tended towards complicated, allowing things to be 'simple' is a huge challenge at times but in the end feels better to my eye.

I suppose even if it were that simple, so what. If I have to defend my creativity I'm in the wrong business.


Vilte said...

it's not simple. it's modern and sophisticated. it begs to be touched, stroked like a naked body lying in the sand of dunes. Again - the form..and pairig it with those delicate, sharp arrows..
and abot comments. I know so well how they hurt and shakes your confidence in your art, but you have to grow a thick skin against that.. and it's definetly not everyone being capable of making THIS art, you have to feel it first! everyone can make, but not everyone can create.

self taught artist said...

well, you just made my clock sound sophisticated AND sexy! thanks vilte :)

AnitaNH said...

I saw something just recently that would be perfect for this situation. It read something like: "You could have done this - But you didn't" on a bright pink background.

Sure, lots of people look at art and think it's so simple that anyone could do it. And maybe someone could easily make a copy. But getting an original thought and following through on it - most people don't.

There is a risk involved in creating something original and putting it out there that most people aren't willing or capable to take.

self taught artist said...

i like that anita...and i agree with your thoughts. I'm loving your hammerdots btw :)

Angela Recada said...

I was thinking about this post after I read it this morning and I see now that Vilte and AnitaNH already said the brilliant things I was going to say!
So let me just say that I know about those negative voices inside that echo what someone else said. These people seem to say nasty things without giving it a second thought. My dad told me for years I couldn't so this or that, and that I wasn't good enough, until I finally wouldn't even try something I wanted to do because I was telling myself what I thought he would say. I talked myself out of so many things before I even started. I let his negative remarks, and the negative remarks of lots of other people, stop me from living the life I wanted. What a waste!

And who was this guy who made the comment about your art on My Space anyway? It's easy to be a jerk behind the Wizard of Oz curtain of the Internet. (And you remember what was behind that curtain, right? A tiny, little man - not a powerful, all-knowing wizard.)

Do you respect this guy's opinion? Don't even give him that power over you. Consider the source of the stupid comment and turn your back on that pinhead!

I hope you have a great weekend!

Oh, and I'm glad that you got that I was being humorous in my last post! Sometimes I feel I need to spell things out in my posts more than I would in real life, where I'd be using lots of hand gestures, making faces, and stuff!

Karen said...

Elegant! Absolutly perfect as it is. As for the idiot comment, no matter how hard he would try his attempt at turning "junk" into art will still just look like junk. NOT ANYONE can do this!!!!!!!!! sheesh, I hate hearing that kind of crap. I hate that it has such power to undermine even the most succesful artist. It is always hard to hear negative anythings when you have put your naked soul out there for everyone to see.

self taught artist said...

well i obviously haven't given that guy power as i've made nearly 100 clocks out of my junk now haven't i :)

and karen, you are right, not anyone can do it and not many would WANT to...i think people tend to like a certain body of art the more they know the artist, at least that is true for me. it is easy to judge something we know nothing about but the more we get to know the person, the story ~ i think that just adds all the more. god knows i've been the queen of judgemental. that negative comment didn't really have power, i just haven't forgotten it when i'm a little unsure of myself. in a way its good, if everyone swooned over my art my head would be too large to fit through the door!

sarala said...

Even if the guy didn't like your stuff, the fact that he needed to be so rude makes him an ass in my book. But yeah, it still hurts. Your stuff is original and speaking. My clock catches my eye so many times as I walk by and never for the time it tells. I like this clock for its simplicity and the commenter who made it sound sexy was right on. I'm just sorry you're stopping at 100 although I get why.