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I've decided to make a separate blog that showcases the treasuries, favorites, new items and anything else etsy related. Hope some of you stop by, I kind of like the treasury thing, it is a creative challenge :) I've got one ready for next week that is all paintings of swimmers. I figure you gotta try something and if I want to be moving or whatever it is I'm trying to do maybe I can derive a little more business from etsy if I just work at it more. And if not, I'm sure I will continue to meet some good people.

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Kim Hambric said...

Wow, you are busy lately. I do wish I could help steer you on your search for a better place to live and a solid direction in art. Unfortunately, I am a lost soul myself. I wonder what artistic direction to take. I know it has to be an artistic direction there is no other way for me now. I live in a place where art seems to be dead. All the galleries are closed and the unique shops are going out of business.

I'm looking forward to checking out this new blog. I admire your tenacity at this time.

I have a book on social media I am trying to choke down. Perhaps I can give it to you so you can read it and explain it to me. I'm so lost out there in the marketing world.