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after days of re-researching the michigan thing, tod came up with some stats. that sort of stopped any fantasies about moving to detroit right now. true, we could get a foreclosed home for 50k (lets not think about the loan or how we prove we even have incomes) that has everything and needs no work. we could get a foreclosed home for $100 or 5,000....all would need work. Lets just say we did it. Tod found out that something like 75% of high school students dont even graduate. I googled the population: there is about 830,000 - 820,000 people left in a city compared to 916,952 in 2008, with more people moving out as i speak. a whopping 1/3 of the population lives BELOW the poverty line. i googled parks and bike paths and could only find a sad bragging about them recently (this was last year or so?) getting 1.5 miles of bike paths in downtown. I couldn't find any places that were set up for walking.....instead I read that in all of detroit only 30% of it is even remotely safe to walk in during the day. that killed it for me. if i'm going to live in a shit hole and be poor i want to at least walk everywhere and not be marooned on my housing lot. i'd go nuts. forget about finding like minded people. other than the few brave artist types there, what business would i have living there? culturally i might go into shock. i dont think i would thrive in a city with high crime, poverty and poor education stats.

so seattle. we finally felt good about deciding to go there. foreclosed homes there? 179k - 300k UNBELIEVABLE. its still one of the richest cities in a shaky economy. our chance to move there would happen IF my sister decided to go live abroad. IF we could come up with a min. of 1300-1500 a month not including utilities. (i've deleted this next bit because I realize its just a rant that doesn't need to be put out there)

i think maybe i'm just kidding myself. if you have no money and no job skills (going back to massage therapy isn't an option as i let my license expire and my body just cannot do that anymore) wtf do you do? go find new people to care take for? suddenly everything here looks PERFECT.(more rant deletion, sorry)

wheres waldo. thats what i feel like i'm looking for in a plethora of locked doors. i'm looking for that one place that has room for me and tod and my art. a place i dont have to go to three separate areas to get my stuff and work on. a place that is vibrant and 'green minded' and cultural.


Damien Franco said...

Have you thought about Marfa or Alpine, TX? I can't imagine that the cost of living is that high and they are thriving with artists.

Karen said...

Eugene Oregon.
Madrid New Mexico.
different places with possiblities?

self taught artist said...

tod has checked into marfa...why did we not decide on that i will have to ask him. will look into alphine thank you!

toyed with oregon and madrid...we are like goldilox over here. this one is juuussssttt right hasn't hit us yet. today we realize seattle is just too damn expensive and wet, like oregon probably.

San said...

The other day I was looking at one of those lists compiled by Forbes. It was a list of the 10 best places to buy foreclosed properties. Their advice was to buy in an area where there aren't tons of foreclosures, so that your chances of enjoying property appreciation are much higher. Also, fewer foreclosures is an indicator of a healthier economy, which translates into more opportunities. Several southern cities were on the list, and even Albuquerque was there.

self taught artist said...

your are so right san!
but then you dont get the cheap cheap house...ugh.
i wondered about albuquerque....i was there years and years ago...20, and it felt really creepy and icky to me. things change though and i should revisit that area. i think we decided marfa texas was again, just too remote for us at this point in my art life.

Abstractheart said...
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Abstractheart said...

Have you checked out Austin Texas yet? Austin is a beautiful city and a wonderful place to live. There are also many wonderful little cities surrounding it. I am not sure about forclosures. You might want to check it out.