I told myself when I got to the halfway mark I would show a picture or two of a sliver of what I'm doing. I'm making two towers. They are going to be functional in a way, and they are going to be about 36" tall. They are probably going to make some people dizzy or nauseous when I actually post the finished products a few months from now (if all goes as planned). I started these pieces in Feb. and it is new. New territory. New messy. New learning. Nothing a gallery would show. Nothing 99% of the population would even enjoy, I could possibly loathe it as well, I don't know yet. From afar its cool. Closer it is mind clogging and possibly esophageal gagging. Super close and you see a world that only exists in fantasy. Escape routes....places to go and hide or find reflection. Because I'm a wimp I'm showing blips of 'clean'. Most of this is chaotic looking, although to me its all planned and things are placed purposefully....it still, I will grant it, looks to be just a splat of crap. Some of you have seen via emails, where I was at at inch 12, it keeps growing, keeps changing, stays busy and isn't getting any calmer. I'm at 18" now.

It's a relief in a way honestly. To allow myself to invest hundreds of hours into a mess. To focus on something that is just pure indulgence. I've never really done that with art. Granted most things I make start out as a 'who knows' but it is kept on a sort of line that I wont let go into crazy. I'm going crazy now. Know what, I take that back, I have done crazy indulgent before but it fell apart before it got finished. I've done it a few times with the puzzle pieces and have to say when you spend so much time gluing piece after piece all to have it fall apart or not work out, lets just say you aren't too eager to get back on the horse immediately. It can feel like a complete waste of time and material. I'm all in though on this one. I could still screw it up, if one can screw something up that is experimental.

Other than that....etsy. I'm doing the treasury thing. Vilte showed me that the code can be cracked if one just has persistence. My clocks might be a little expensive and out there for most etsians but dammit if I don't try I wont know.

Other than that I'm out there virtually, running like an animal in galleries, in cities, in studios and foreclosed homes for sale. I'm exposing my tight little head to as much as I can and hoping something cracks it open. Sometimes your being just knows if something doesn't change it will die. Your being knows that it's time even if your head is unwilling to fathom the reality of a complete upsidedown of reality. Just the exposure has got to be good....just entertaining the possibility of being open to anything. Forget the poverty. Forget the panic attacks. Forget the loads of art stuff and the obvious impossibility....right?


Kim Hambric said...

I guess I am one of the lucky few who have seen these in more (or should I say less) detail. Diving into a mess and exploring are necessary. If it works, fantastic. If it doesn't, you're sure to have learned a few things.

Obvious impossibility? Wouldn't that be akin to living on Saturn?

Stay open.

deb said...

I was instantly intrigued by the clean mess pictures and I want to know more about this monument!!

Seth said...

Clever and intriguing!

Karen said...

This tower is very cool. Looks like a major ammount of work! Glad you posted a pic.

Rob Hitzig said...

Can't tell what it is yet but I like it. Can't wait to see a more complete image.

ArtPropelled said...

Exciting work!!! Really!
Now thats why the "You might also Like" widget is a good thing.

paula said...

aha thanks robyn. now its in a box in storage :( i wish i could be working on those things they are both almost 3feet tall!