etsy treasury #2

It Felt Natural
(treasury expires monday so the link wont work after that)

I'm posting my 2nd treasury I made in etsy to impress upon us all how people can change [myself especially]. For those of you who have been reading my blog the last year or so, you know I've been extremely challenged with warming up to this whole etsy thing. For newcomers, I will admit I'm not proud of my acerbic attitude. I have somehow managed to push all that out of my way and try to focus on what is really wonderful about this site.

For one, my work looks and feels slicker there than on my own website. Two, being a little more involved in the treasury process has warmed me up by dint of meeting a few really wonderful people. There are some unbelievably smart women out there and I've already learned a few things that I personally think are cool. I'll share, but first just look at the treasury :) I call it: 'It felt natural'. These works are all felt!!!! I can honestly say I truly like every item I put in that treasury. I only had to pour through about 183 pages to find this stuff....it took me 3 days to make it and while I of course berated myself for spending so much time on something that isn't related to my art or my life, I enjoyed doing it. You know what, if one has to have a diversion at least highlighting others feels like a 2nd best way to spend time. While I still have not sold to a stranger, I think even those who knew me and bought via etsy found it perhaps easier and possibly more fun that way and it was easier on my end having the transaction handled through them AND the feedback stuff is out there for people who need to see it.

So for other less than savvy people, here are the 3 things I learned:

1) there is a treasury west as well as the regular treasury. treasury west appears to be a 'test' so it may not be around permanently, but it is another way 'in' if the other treasury is all filled up.

2) craftopolis. (i don't even mind the name....who cares right?) Great way to find out if you are in a treasury either as a highlight or an alternative. to me it's important to thank people who took the time to put your work in a treasury and not everyone tells you via a 'convo' (conversation in case you aren't familiar)

3) heartomatic. stat freak? want to know what items have been viewed or favorited? this is faster and easier than going to your etsy site and checking. great way, again, to check out people who like what you do and see what they do.

There you have it. Another day. Moving forward through the sludge. I don't feel any better than I did yesterday but your comments yesterday really made me feel like someone shown some light in my little hell hole.


Vilte said...

congratulations on your second treasury :) on implications you made, and on a change :) are you geting a treasury making virus? :))
I am impressed how thorougly you select items for the treasury and how much time you spend for it. and that crraftopolis thing has some new useful gift for you :)) http://www.craftopolis.com/index.php?com=tc treasury clock, so you don't have to countdown time when it opens :))

self taught artist said...

thats fantastic re: the treasury time :) i'm not sure how many treasuries i can make, i told myself i would only post them when i like the photos or pieces...i'm still picky :) but its a challenge and it keeps me upright!