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Remember last week me asking people if I should go for this piece? Yesterday I finally did finish it, then I saw it was crooked AND I put it upside down. I liked it until I saw the other one. I disassembled it and it will sit until I decide which view I like best. If you have a thought feel free to say which you prefer. Sorry for the drastic color difference, natural light vs fluorescent light and impatient camera settings.

I think I will get to work on my table idea while this marinates.

michigan, seattle, stowe, sanity

after days of re-researching the michigan thing, tod came up with some stats. that sort of stopped any fantasies about moving to detroit right now. true, we could get a foreclosed home for 50k (lets not think about the loan or how we prove we even have incomes) that has everything and needs no work. we could get a foreclosed home for $100 or 5,000....all would need work. Lets just say we did it. Tod found out that something like 75% of high school students dont even graduate. I googled the population: there is about 830,000 - 820,000 people left in a city compared to 916,952 in 2008, with more people moving out as i speak. a whopping 1/3 of the population lives BELOW the poverty line. i googled parks and bike paths and could only find a sad bragging about them recently (this was last year or so?) getting 1.5 miles of bike paths in downtown. I couldn't find any places that were set up for walking.....instead I read that in all of detroit only 30% of it is even remotely saf…

Paula Art on Etsy

I've decided to make a separate blog that showcases the treasuries, favorites, new items and anything else etsy related. Hope some of you stop by, I kind of like the treasury thing, it is a creative challenge :) I've got one ready for next week that is all paintings of swimmers. I figure you gotta try something and if I want to be moving or whatever it is I'm trying to do maybe I can derive a little more business from etsy if I just work at it more. And if not, I'm sure I will continue to meet some good people.

etsy treasury #2

It Felt Natural
(treasury expires monday so the link wont work after that)

I'm posting my 2nd treasury I made in etsy to impress upon us all how people can change [myself especially]. For those of you who have been reading my blog the last year or so, you know I've been extremely challenged with warming up to this whole etsy thing. For newcomers, I will admit I'm not proud of my acerbic attitude. I have somehow managed to push all that out of my way and try to focus on what is really wonderful about this site.

For one, my work looks and feels slicker there than on my own website. Two, being a little more involved in the treasury process has warmed me up by dint of meeting a few really wonderful people. There are some unbelievably smart women out there and I've already learned a few things that I personally think are cool. I'll share, but first just look at the treasury :) I call it: 'It felt natural'. These works are all felt!!!! I can honestly say I…


do you think if an artist is a complete idiot in the business world, has no money and few friends or contacts they have a chance in hell? i've come to the hideous conclusion i'm probably up the creek.

in my day to day life it has been shown over and over i'm incompetent in most any dealings with others. in my own art making i often take days to do something someone who is logical and able minded would do in minutes.

is it common for artists to feel each and every day that they cannot take it another day? that almost everything about their life is unbearable? that they can't even imagine another option or way to live? this is why i prefer to stick my head in the sand and just make art and not think. but that has gotten me no where and i wont have that luxury much longer. i wouldn't be so pissed if art making wasn't so important to me. pissed at myself for being so damn stupid.

its a puzzle

....where to live that is. I have no reason to blog about this stuff other than bouncing it off of something other than the inside of my head (and tod's). who knows...maybe an idea will come to fruition from some happenstance comment.

we have outgrown this care taking situation. we could keep living here but the suffocation process has begun and the oxygen depletion is showing. we are stagnating. which brings me to the questions that plague me constantly.

first, where to live. there is the thought that one should live near a city that is an art mecca of sorts. in the city is fine too but then costs and space are an issue. were i a small scale worker it wouldn't be a problem. i need at least 1000 sq feet for my supplies/tools work space. even then, i need a separate area to cut metal and wood. renting a studio and a living space seem expensive and not fruitful to how i work as an artist.

if we move midwest, south or west would i be able to find the plethora of barn/farm…


I told myself when I got to the halfway mark I would show a picture or two of a sliver of what I'm doing. I'm making two towers. They are going to be functional in a way, and they are going to be about 36" tall. They are probably going to make some people dizzy or nauseous when I actually post the finished products a few months from now (if all goes as planned). I started these pieces in Feb. and it is new. New territory. New messy. New learning. Nothing a gallery would show. Nothing 99% of the population would even enjoy, I could possibly loathe it as well, I don't know yet. From afar its cool. Closer it is mind clogging and possibly esophageal gagging. Super close and you see a world that only exists in fantasy. Escape routes....places to go and hide or find reflection. Because I'm a wimp I'm showing blips of 'clean'. Most of this is chaotic looking, although to me its all planned and things are placed still, I will g…

I need help

I have a hard time understanding things....and one thing I don't get is when it comes to art funding. When I go look online for art grants etc I often see things like this:

To become a USA Fellow, one must be nominated. Each year nominations are made by an anonymous group of arts leaders, critics, scholars, and artists chosen by USA. Nominators do not know one another; their identities remain confidential. (I found that here).

Can someone explain to me if I ever have a chance of getting nominated when I know NO ONE? Does anyone have thoughts or advice on grants for living space etc? If you are a full time artist who needs help what do you do? Am I even close to being in a world where I would be considered for grants and help?

Vilte shawl give away on Ravenhill

Wanted to send people off to a blog that is having a shawl giveaway from felterVilte. Ravenhill is the blog, and you have four chances to win. I envy whoever wins a shawl! I recently wrote a post about Viltehere, I found her work when I made a treasury in Etsy and since then she has put my clocks in well over a dozen treasuries!

Even if I never sell to a complete stranger on Etsy, just meeting Vilte has made etsy worth it as she has become a friend as well as a beacon of inspiration in so many ways.

I had never even looked at felt work before, let alone had any clue about the process involved. My eyes have been opened and I have a new appreciation for a completely different kind of work. On her blog there are a few links to artist works in felt that blow my mind (the fashioning felt 2 video is amazing).

For as minimalistic as I am, for as shoddily as I dress....I fantasize about one day owning a shawl by Vilte. Her work transforms and lifts me up every time I look at it.

the other side of the coin

This is my current screen saver picture. I took this picture when I was camping in Vermont and didn't even know that this is where I would finally stop and start to make art. I was camping in the Green Mountains and on my 2nd or 3rd day saw this house and felt like I had just found an exotic dying creature. I'm always a little thrilled when I see this picture. Unfortunately I only had a 3 mega pixel camera and didn't know I would be making art, let alone art with photography. This house is long gone but I have the image and it does print out as an 8x10 so it's there when I want it.

So I've been walking a fair amount in nature, thinking about forgetting my own personal limitations, what do I want? I wonder about artists and their inspiration and how they do what they do. I need to walk in nature on a weekly basis, daily when I'm at the top of my game. I don't get inspiration from nature as much as I get a sense of having meditated. Taking a bath in c…

it is what it is

I've had a good chunk of time to myself and it all comes to an end today. The house owners come and Tod, who has been on his own vacation also comes back this weekend. Other than dealing with interruptions from the gardener, which I am never prepared for and always agitated by, I've had some good time with me and my art. I've got things in my 'currently working on folder'. I've got new things in my 'furniture' folder. I've got things in my 'clocks' folder. It's been productive on many levels and I cannot tell you how nice it is to just be alone day in and day out and not have to talk to anyone. Yes I miss tod but his absence has just shown me how badly we need to get our lives going so we can live with more space and less interruption. I know if I had my own studio I would soar. It's easy to say if only....but I feel it. It's obvious to me how much different my working schedule is when I'm alone vs. cramped in this …

whats your opinion?

I'm stuck and I can't stand it anymore. Meaning, I've been looking at this mock put together for MONTHS and it's gonna either get made or not. This is just two photos, the one in the middle I would float mount 1 or 2 inches onto the larger one. The larger photo is a bit blurry so the front one pops out more. I like the concept. I like it but I'm not sure about it and I'm wanting some feedback. I don't normally do this but I've been looking at this for so long I don't even know anymore.

It's different than my other mixed media photo pieces, as I wouldn't do anything else to it. No baubles. No border....just a simple double photo, both are already laminated onto the quarter inch MDF board, both have a beveled black frame which you can't really see too well in this picture. It's simple. It's also kinda of floral or chaotic....I can see it in a certain kind of home but not sure that kind of buyer would EVER find me. What d…

Feeling Functional

I know, you have seen these pieces before but I recently took new and improved bigger better photos of the two hay shelves and I wanted to share their beauty! I recently got the table below posted on (which boosted my web page viewing nearly ten fold), and that if you include my coffee table I appear to have a small table collection starting to form.

No surprise, I have two more tables in the making. One is fairly simple but of course technically I will be struggling for god knows how long. Yesterday proved to be a day of tantrums when after searching for a socket wrench in vain, and trying to come up with a solution to skip the need for said socket wrench I instead started work on the second idea. It started as a chair idea and by nighttime as I lay in bed drawing out how I might want this to go I found it turning into a table. Which then made total sense as I continue to feel drawn to functional art and already have a few tables completed. I'm going to be a t…

Francois Royer: Stanker

How can you not like something called 'Stanker'? When I saw the piece above on The Alternative Consumer, my mouth dropped open and I rushed to his website to see more. Then I emailed Francois to ask if I could blog about his work.

Here is an excerpt from his PDF about page:

In November 2003, in the narrow hallway of a Paris basement that served as his studio, Francois Royer created the first Stanker from an old oil barrel and the wheels of a supermarket caddy. His intention was to make a sort of furniture on wheels - but especially to rid the school where he was an art teacher of an impressive pile of metallic junk that had accumulated over the years.

Impressive is an understatement, these works are priceless jewels of invention. Who can take something so useless and toxic and make beautiful, fun, functional works of art? I actually feel excited and giddy every time I look at them. This is art that has life and purpose!

I asked Francois a few questions, there is a slight lan…

destruction and resurrection

yep, another clock. this one is #86. fourteen more and i'm done with the series. i thought i might whip through these but now i'm not so sure. I don't multi task well, when i'm working on one project its difficult for me to trot over to another one and pick up where i left off.

the puzzle project is laborious, so far i'm on month four of it and i think it will be 3 or 4 more months before i'm done. i do hope i'm able to find a way to feel motivated to do something else too.

take this clock. last week i had all these tiles glued onto it and spent 4 days trying to get the fricking hands to 'go with it'. no color worked. what i did was instead put a little cloth over all 34 tiles and beat the living shit out of them with a hammer. a day later i then scraped them all off and cleaned up the plate. i kept the color that i had painted (adding to it just a little) on the top and bottom and finally found some metal to cut up and fit in the center. th…

stowe police blotter

just reflecting on how nice it is to live in a fairly 'simple' town.
the one about the bat on the recreation path is ridiculous.

Total incidents: 64
Total tickets: 2
Total warnings: 25
From recent reports:

April 20, a Morrisville woman brought in a captured bat that had flown into her house and around her children’s bedroom, police said. The bat was tested, and did not have rabies, police said.

April 20, ---------------- reported a house on Sugar House Road in Stowe had been vandalized. Its windows appeared to have been shot out with a BB gun, police said.

April 20, police were called about a bat that appeared to be injured and was lying in the middle of the Stowe Recreation Path. Police moved the bat to the side of the path and it flew away.

April 20, Blazer Transportation reported it had received a bad check in the amount of $465.

April 20, residents reported a porcupine wandering around Trapp Hill Road. The porcupine did not appear to be rabid, police said.

April 21, loose cows were w…

Hamtramck Michigan

Mitch Cope and Gina Reichert in my humble opinion are pioneers. I've been reading about them for well over a month now and it all started with an article in the New York Times, 'For Sale the $100 house'.

They have started The Power House Project as well as Design 99. In my words, the power house project is about making affordable housing available. A community of artistic people. Conscientious people, people who want to create a neighborhood of off the grid living in an already used and abused neighborhood that has turned into a suburban wasteland. Here is the 'about' page, which will tell you in their words what the project is.

The Power House Report is their blog about the neighborhood they are living in, the progress of the house and in general a unique view of a seemingly painful yet obvious metamorphosis in an upward direction. I have to admit, I don't know if I would have the courage to live there right now. I'm not sure I would want to constant…

I won something!

Two weeks ago Gigi and Sandra had a blog giveaway of their 4x2 project book. I was the lucky recipient! I got it in the mail a few days ago and wanted to express my thanks and share it here.

The entire book is composed of Gigi's work is on the left and Sandra's on the right. These two friends wanted to: 'collaborate on a creative project that held both visual and seasonal interest. Something with a combination of substance, spontaneity and delight, and something that had no rules. We decided to go with the first idea that came to us organically selecting one month from each season in one year to document the transitions reflecting that period in time.'

Their goal was to record what they experienced in the four seasons, in their everyday lives and put it side by side. The result is 92 pages of colorful, tactile, moody, dreamy images that tell a visual story which instantly connects me to nature and life.

On a creative and technical level, this this book is very we…

Sandcastle #85/100

Sometimes a clock just has to look simple. I've spent two weeks superimposing different baubles onto the base of this clock and nothing works. Funny how it is the negative words that always echo in my head ~ two years ago a friend put my links onto her myspace page and mentioned my clocks, trying to get the word out. Some guy said, 'yeah she just puts auto junk on something and calls it art, big deal anyone can do that'.

I've never forgotten seeing that comment; those words bellow at me when I think I've finished a piece. But after spending days and days trying to get the clock hands the right color (these are a light cream, not something discernible in the photo), getting the right color of paint to match my 'junk', and spending absurd amounts of time deciding what if any center piece to use, I know that it isnt as easy as just putting a thing on a thing and saying done. By nature I have always tended towards complicated, allowing things to be 'sim…