Trader Joes, Northampton MA and Bill Maher

I'm thinking I should drive my ass down to Northampton, Ma. and visit the red/orange google blops of art galleries. It's just over 3 hours drive AND a Trader Joe's exists there. What little online reading I have done, it appears there is a decent art community there.

A little day trip sounds like a good pill to swallow. I can load up the car with frozen food and packages of nuts from Trader Joe's. I can walk around and look at art and try to understand why no one has picked me yet to be in their 2nd friday of every month art walk that I signed up for last year online. What kind of art is down there anyways? Anybody been there? Have art or restaurant recommends? It'll be worth it I think just to get away. I could go for a long hike on the Nomwotuck Rail Trail. Maybe take some pictures or find scrap.

I was going to go yesterday or this week but alas snow is now once again falling and covering the ground. The weeks forecast calls for rain and snow every day. I will wait until it's nice so I can enjoy being out. In the meantime I've been lightly treading in the dark hole and might actually get some more clocks made soon.

As an aside, I watched another doc. and this time didn't let myself loathe humanity even though it would have been easy.... I have to recommend this one. Bill Maher's Religulous. I felt somehow empowered just knowing Bill is gutsy enough and educated enough to take this on.


Ellen said...

Do it! sounds amazing. Do it with the road trip spirit, just being in the now and absorbing it all in. Sounds great, have been wanting to do the same sort of thing for awhile.

So curious to see that movie. Heard him talk about it on Charlie Rose. Sounds like comedy with a point. The film, Jesus Camp, is the one you don't want to see, found my self starting to boil over with outrage at the stupid, stupid ignorance of that kind of fundamentalist Christainity and the potential harm from it.

Daniel Sroka said...

I went to school there (Hampshire) and lived there about 10 years back. I love it - one of my favorite places in the world. As for restaurants, your best bet is to walk into any store and ask for recommendations. There are so many, at many different price points. But you have to go to Herrell's Ice Cream. Steve Herrell is an ice cream god.

self taught artist said...

ellen, i've avoided jesus camp on cable, glad to know i was right to do that! i will go on that trip for sure!

dan, great to know about the ice cream...and cool that you lived there and liked it. seems to be a writers/artists haven.

Rob Hitzig said...

Glad to hear that you are thinking of doing some gallery visits. There are a lot of very good galleries in that area and probably some that are right for your work. I'm sure you already know that sending your portfolio to galleries that have no idea who you are is the worst way to get into galleries. Making contact first, and finding an appropriate gallery is essential.

By the way, in my recent trips to Boston I've noticed that gallery directors are a lot more welcoming these days. They seem to have more time to talk to visitors, especially those who want to talk about the art - it is a good time to get yourself known.

Angela Recada said...

Sounds like a terrific road trip - I hope you get to make it soon! Galleries and Trader Joe's - what could be better? I don't get to Trader Joes' often enough, either. Love that place. I've been meaning to see that doc by Bill Maher, too. I saw an interview (I think it was the Charlie Rose one, too) and really appreciated how he so eloquently said what so many of us are thinking. Fundamentalists and extremists of any kind really scare me.

I hope your weather gets better soon so you can get out and get lots of fresh air and sunshine - and take that road trip. Take care.

JAXTER said...

Oh indeed, you should go...back in the day (mid 80's) when I lived in Ma and went to school out there (UMass) the happy valley was a fantastic place with a tremendous art community. From what I understand it has only grown stronger... and there is Herrell's Ince cream - some of the best ice cream around, if you have a sweet tooth and all that is.

The Minimalist said...

Hey, hi! My husband's cousin is a portrait painter and is in North Andover MA now.

self taught artist said...

ice cream....nicer gallery interactions...who needs nicer weather i should go now!