There is a beauty to this gloom and doom. When it is gorgeous out, those seemingly short lived days make one less apt to want to be indoors and write or work on art. Today we have more snow coming fast and furious in speedy non-stick particles. I've managed to get slightly under the weather with my 2 hour long walk in the pouring rain two days ago but I'm still pressing on with my clocks. When you guys see them you might be surprised, I've made one that is so colorful and nuclear snotty green, even I can't believe I did it. Funny when I haven't made art in awhile I feel clumsy and just slightly off. That is good, it means I can't jump right back to making the same thing. It feels right that it feels wrong. If that makes sense. I'm in a transition in my head, in my art. I wrote a perfect post this morning and accidentally deleted it before I was able to save it. I'm so pissed off and exhausted at all the lost linking and information I put out there I might have to wait a few more days to try again. I leave you with two pictures of what I see from my little basement french doors.


Ellen said...

That's your view?! Sweet. Can't wait to see the clocks. Dimitri Martin is joking about clocks on the comedy network as I type this, how synchronous.

Angela Recada said...

That's a beautiful view you have there. Love the haze/fog in the trees. I hope you feel better soon.